Wednesday, November 30, 2011

this is the sweater that never ends...

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At this rate I will permanently have this sweater for Wip It Wednesday. Even if I finish the 3 gajillion other wips around this joint. This one'll just keep turning up.
You last heard about me finishing off the sleeves so I'd have a nice new Cadence sweater to wear while booksigning and working on a photo shoot in wintery, snowy Minnesota. Done the first night there. I slipped it on. It fit !  Like a glove. 
 Cascade Eco Wool.: a desert island yarn if I ever I had one.
Problem #1 : I do not want a wooly sweater that fits like a second skin. Not hardly. I was aiming for an inch or so of positive ease. A live-in-this sweater with room to layer. I'd measured and swatched and got gauge and how could this have happened? (also how could I have not tried on a topdown raglan? ). Consider that I spent most of my trip with the wonderful knitters from The Yarnery, a group that surely has the wherewithall to stop me from this kind of crazy.  They offered aggressive blocking.  oh, never mind....I tore it out back up to the armpits. 
And acquired some new needles, the square sided ones.why not?
Problem # 2: I was surprised to find that though I'd gotten gauge on US 9 needles, I had somehow managed to knit the whole sweater on size 8's. 
And so, once again, in progress.
• • • • • • • • • • •
Here's a  future wip : My nephew said he'd like  "one of those hats with very long earflaps attached.  So long that they have pockets for hands."
My nephew is about 6 feet tall, so I guess we're talking truly long earflaps. Maybe this would work, with pockets.  More WIP WEDNESDAY posts linked here.


maryse said...

it's too bad your nephew doesn't have t-rex arms. heh.

Rose said...

Thanks for sharing the mishap; somehow I always think I'm the only one who makes these types of mistakes. Nice of you to let us know it can happen to anyone! Thanks again!

Jenn said...

Rose, I too make these mistakes - and am SO glad to hear that others do too. But, I'm so sorry that it happens to anyone. And, I am really interested in seeing the hat!

craftivore said...

I've made similar mistakes and you have a good excuse, you're traveling around like a mad woman.

Ellen Bloom said...

Oooo...that chocolate sweater yarn is yummy!
Crochet your nephew an earflap hat!! Much faster!!

omlair said...

you must be so patient with all that frogging. I'm still new to knitting and would probably just give up!!

seashells said...

Ack! Now I have that song in my head! You know the one. And sung in dinosaur voices too! Love the sweater mishap, thanks for sharing. It almost made me forget about the song.

Anonymous said...

Ooooo - done that, been there. How frustrating - and, like everyone else, relieved it's not just me who does things like that.

And I really, really want to see that hat. Preferably modelled.

Mary Lou said...

We should have helped you beyond, hey, here's your knitting bag, don't forget your messed up sweater... using the wrong needles? How do we keep doing stuff like that? I just ripped out a bunch of stockinette having forgotten to change from the smaller rib needle. Sigh. Wherewithall. Hah.

Anonymous said...

Re: your nephew, just a MINOR mod to Thorpe and you're all set.

Re: the sweater, did you wash the swatch? I find this "wool" substance grows so much when you wash it. My dress will be big because although I washed the swatch and saw the growth, I couldn't trust to it, had to knit it to fit me before blocking. Oh well, too big is wearable, too small is NOT. xoxo Kay