Friday, June 11, 2010

i get by with a little help

This won't be the  title for the crafting/knitting book Joan & I are working on like crazy. 
photo by Edwina Stevenson, my friend who's only fault is she doesn't knit. I know, wtf?
But it really should be. For example, not only did Kirsten design another one of her fabulous pieces for us, but she & her daughter came out on a steamy late NY afternoon to model wool. They are as smart, sweet and talented as they seem to be online . (and don't deserve the typo I made on the sign but I am out of time to fix it, sorry)
(Also, Sofia makes an excellent blocker for women who prefer not to show their hips on the High Line.)
and those Kapurs know how to find a good french fry.  
Oh, OK, I can share that: we were here.