Thursday, November 14, 2013

postcards from Rhinebeck 2013

Thanks to all who let me know they enjoyed the Rhinebeck Style video. And mwah! to those who re-posted, or FB'd or tweeted. Feel free to share  You totally get me. Work on the book version proceeds, with a bit of fire under me now.*027_GaleZucker_nysw 
 It was a weekend where everything comes together:  perfect autumn weather, great energy, beautiful yarn, stellar community, and oh! the knits everywhere. Plus sheep and alpaca and goats.012_GaleZucker_nyswThis year I taught workshops on the weekend mornings: Photo Safari: NY S&W Festival. Love my  students who gleefully joined in as we photographed the fair, as our subject and our backdrop.004_GaleZucker_nysw My assistant Ariana was along to pose in knits, for exercises shooting backgrounds & angles. **. She's wearing a Through The Loops Vestry Street. I know you want to know.032_GaleZucker_nyswWe visited the livestock barns. 091_GaleZucker_nyswAn experiment with the 2013 festival poster as the background for Through the Loops Germinate shawl. I give it a not-quite-thumbs-up.
197_GaleZucker_nyswI stayed at a shared large house-  Ariana and I missed the group photo but you can see we were in excellent company- organized by Yarny Old Kim, whose scrappy long socks I covet. *** Wish I'd had more time to hang out there, it was full of good cheer. Some parts of our  potluck left me a permanently craving. (hello! Steve's mac and cheese and homemeade kimchi)126_GaleZucker_nyswFoodwise, at the festival: Waiting in line made much easier by knitspotting/knit ogling.129_GaleZucker_nyswVery happy to get our Flammkuchen. Butternut squash, beets, fennel, creamy ricotta cheese (or was it goat?), flame cooked. 131_GaleZucker_nyswKirsten got bacon on hers, and do you love the sweater she's wearing? Design not yet released. <hint, hint cough>134_GaleZucker_nysw 
Jill Draper and her inspiring sweater.212_GaleZucker_nyswThe ever stylin' Ellen Mason,aka Odacier, in her Mary Rebecca sweater and  signature cardi/dress combo with plaid scarf, colored tights, and boots. She and my other style muse, Sonya Philip were walking around the festival together. Someday I want to have them style me.  Not for a day.  Like, my whole wardrobe.215_GaleZucker_nysw Thrilled to see the patterns I shot for Green Mountain Spinnery and their new ebook on display at their booth. I didn't get there fast enough to buy Weekend Wool , their new worsted weight yarn - by Sunday they only had a few skeins left.****001_GaleZucker_nysw True only for their wares.158_GaleZucker_nyswThe Sunday morning class had a photo session with a couple of fleecey girls.193_GaleZucker_nyswShooting at sheep eye level, in open shade. Aren't they gorgeous, even in a crowd?151_GaleZucker_nyswSheep eyes, Love'em.  • • • • • • • • • • 
Ok, starting next post I'm going to ramp up into gift giving mode, with a bunch of book reviews and book giveaways. I've been saving them for just this time of year. Watch your feed, I'm hoping to git'er'done !  
_____________________and now for the footnotes: 
*La Shannon Okey herself is going to be sitting down with me on Monday, up close and personal, to get this book from almost-done to press ready. I am looking forward to it like crazy. Shannon's a force to be reckoned with. I love me a force, and a good solid deadline.  Like a publisher sitting next to you .

**Ariana will also be assisting me when I teach at Vogue Knitting Live in NYC in January 2014. It helps to have her model,  so no student misses shooting for a minute--and also, for those who don't want to pose in the knits but want them shot on a lovely smiling person. Ariana is a talented film maker & editor herself, and a knitter, so she knows what's what.

*** I don't know why but I can't find a link to her blog! Kim is all kinds of awesome. She organized the house, the potluck, is a brilliant knitter and finished weaving in the ends on those socks Friday night as we sat around eating & drinking , following a breathtaking Hudson Valley moonrise. I know the photos you may have seen signal riotous hilarity 24/7 but Kim and the rest of the roomies are so much more than that. Smart, artistic, talented. And good cooks too.

****I never shop much at the festivals-I'm an indecisive shopper even in a quiet limited setting--but I had a mission this time. Too bad I browsed Saturday and by the time I went back to purchase on Sunday, I missed out on the Weekend Wool selection but also a super chunky hand dyed skein I wanted from Briar Rose was history, so were the skeins I was eyeing from Still River Mill...I did finally buy some yarn. But that's another post.