Sunday, October 31, 2010


Below, scenes from early Saturday morning. Not saying these are the perps. Not saying there's any deeper meaning, although a certain LYS was having its first birthday. And who doesn't like a surprise on their birthday? Surely there were a bunch of others involved but they were at Stitches in Hartford or rowing in Philly, or teaching a crochet class at time of installation.  Just theoretically I mean.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

may I have a little more, suh?

a new friend at Gansvoort Farm last weekend
 I'm still on a post Rhinebeck high. The week unrolled in same vibe.  Oh to re-skein the last 8 days or so and do them again when things get dull and drudgy. Good work, good friends, good knitting, sheep. Go look, more farm life on my photography blog.
On Monday, with the weekend still glowing, I sent my just-barely finished Retro Baby Smock off as a gift for a very pregnant teacher.  Quickie photos at dawn don't do it justice. Sarah, who I met in Minnesota last year, designed this sweet pattern.  Knit side to side, using short row shaping. Quick, fun, clever.  Mine was knit in GGH Merino Soft, color 98 , a  smoky lavendar. Or as my 16 yo fashion critic said, as he carried it to school to bestow it, "a looming kind of purple...its not a very cheery baby color...". 
The teacher, who'd confided in me  she hates bright pink, was thrilled. For the record.
Hot tip:  this is fab yarn: superwash but  soft and springy, in colors just tertiary enough.  There's some left on sale at my LYS . Just saying.
Kay's visit coverage via Hipstamatic
On Tuesday, Kay came for a whirlwind visit. Is there anything better than a good friend, Pepes apizza & beer mid afternoon? Why, yes there is: sharing her with your knitting posse. Her full report, over at Mason Dixon Knitting. If only Ann could have made it. While we yucked it up, I imagined her Tennessee garret, solo, quill in hand, novelizing. Also? I think she's wearing a sweepy dress with a fuzzy  lace shawl in that vision, existing on absinthe and pimiento cheese tea sandwiches.
• • • • • • • • • • • •
For those inquiring about the patterns in the noisy Make Mine Local slideshow two posts ago, they are all indie patterns, some unreleased. In true DIY style, the fashion show was spirited, creative, inspiring but not so well-documented. Which is to say I never received complete contact info coordinated with the designs. Try inquiring of the host, the  Common Cod Fiber Guild. At least I know the skirts, the fabulous stripey-armed sweater and the peachy bright foofy coat at the end are all from  Yarn in the Farms, available from that pattern page link. The opening little red jacket is by Ann Weaver of WeaverKnits.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

post rhinebeck photo shoot shout

My Rhinebeck shopping: one skein of yarn (up 100% from last year!) and 2 indie published books, by Ann Weaver of Weaver Knits and Mandy Powers of ZigZag Stitch.
Wait- does Artichoke French count as shopping?

Thanks to ClaireArsenault for getting this action shot.
 Back at you when I come up for air with more about the Rhinebeck Style photo shoot but let's  just say this:
1817 images downloaded
123+ fabulous models in handknits (or crochets or felts) posed
1 million thanks to everyone who joined in. So cool to meet you! There's no word for the loooove!
Me and Ann Weaver herself at the very end of the weekend. Now I see it says "Rhineck" Style.  photo by Chris
Another fun statistic:
2 times I was mistaken for Amy Singer of Knitty and embraced in a hug.
And I don't even own a ukelele.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

strike a pose: Rhinebeck style

ADDED 10/15/12  : Rhinebeck Style photo shoot project returns this year,  2012 to the Ny Sheep & Wool Festival.
 Stop by and strike a pose. DETAILS HERE

 added 10/10/11 **PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS FROM LAST YEAR, 2010 !! 
I'm not doing the photo thing this year, 2011,  but maybe next?  I WILL be at Rhinebeck, but this year I'll be a civilian, and  booksigning for my new book Craft Activism, 2:30-4 on Saturday and 11-12:30 on Sunday, in the authors barn. Stop by & say hi! (I'm a bingo square too).

as for the photos--I hope, I may, get to edit & post them before they are officially one year old. Its a crazy life!
 __________________'s my little brainstorm. Last year I dragged my white backdrop to the Common Cod Fiber Guild's indie knitwear design fashion show in Boston, and see what happened. (it's 2 1/2 minutes long, sorry it's a bit of a slow loader- and there's music , so hit your mute key if you're at work or near sleeping babes)

The wonderful organizers of the New York Sheep & Wool Festival folks are giving me a space to set up my backdrop at Rhinebeck this weekend and you (and you and you and you.....and your alpaca too) are invited to pose for me. Show me!
For years I've been thinking it's a shame not to document all the fine fibery fashion seen at that fair and I decided this is the year to do it. Where else can we wear so many layers of handknit & feel like part of the community?

Weather permitting I'll be there for sure Saturday and  probably Sunday monring too. I'll tweet my location so follow my twitter feed  & you'll know where I am--or else look for a white backdrop.

Fun, yes? See you in your wooolly best. I can't begin to tell you how much I'm looking forward to this.  My talented friend & trusted co-conspirator Maryse is helping me out for a while, if anyone else who knows how to wield a reflector wants to hang out and volunteer for an hour, I would be super grateful, just shoot me an email.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


With blocking, my Roma shawl is just what I wanted. I made the smaller version, it's about 48" across the top and 36" on the other two sides. 
I'm not sure if that adds up precisely in geometry but it works for me.
Still loving the colors, except when it creeps into my consciousness that I could wear it to a Minnesota Vikings game with impunity.  Yarn and pattern info in my last post.
My slightly insane participatory project, at Rhinebeck, in my next. Check back in a couple of days, OK?

Monday, October 04, 2010

seasonally affected. again.

See that yarn on top? A skein of Schaefer Nichole in Thistle, left over from a test knit for the new book project. I know. I can't believe the knitter returned it, either. I might have been gracious and insist she keep it, there was enough left to knit a small shawl. Except... I didn't. A lot of yarn passed through here this year, a lot of very, very, lovely yarn.  But this particular skein was one I coveted.

Since I've been on a run of scarfy/shawly things, I chose Roma as my pattern for it. Then, I skidded like a ouija board at a pre-teen sleepover to the golden straw skein of Classic Elite Soft Linen for the contrast. Not really my color, why was I choosing it? 2194_GaleZucker0910QuinnBiz this is going to look amazing after blocking. trust me.
It took me only a day to realize I'd done it again. Chosen colors that are all around me as the leaves change, shadows deepen  and the marsh grasses turn golden. I am so. freakin'. predictable.
And then I reached for my mug, on the table in the family room this week.