Friday, April 30, 2010

2 sweet 2 b ignored

The last time I mentioned my knitting, back here, I claimed I was swinging by my LYS to get yarn for travel knitting Gretel. I walked into Knit New Haven, June & Linda were unpacking these Be Sweet shawl kits, and that's all she wrote. Many yards of fine kid  mohair stockinette size 11us needles, on the bias. My only hesitation was deciding on colors.
0410GaleZuckerHIATT_533 Not following the suggested striping .
But I am loving every inch of it. Very zen , just floating along, me, my knitting, up in the air. And doncha love that green? I took it to West Hollywood SnB last night, lookie here, my knitting and I are on my fabulous hostess friend Ellen Bloom's blog.
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
Did you think I'd post without  Hipstamatic shots?  Uh uh. Not yet.planemid 
Somewhere over north america. Maybe Nebraska?
and landing in LA. Book shoots ahead.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

you're never too experienced to make a rookie move

You see that beer? Yup, that's a $150 pint.
On Monday, with two successful Austin photo shoots, the sight of a zillion pregnant Mexican bats and many tacos under our belts, we headed south to San Antonio to catch our plane home. We had, like, some extra time. So we thought we'd squeeze in one more round of enchiladas & cervezas for the road.
We cut it too close. We showed up just 20 minutes before the plane was leaving, and our seats were gone. Surcharged but fortified, we left later.
fiesta flags, San Antonio
San Antonio fiesta flags on the way out. Oh that Hipstamatic. I can stop any time. I just don't want to.
Next post: knitting and real camera photos.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Austin in general. Green chile cheese fries here, in particular.
San Antonio
San Antonio, even in the rain.sanantonio_fiesta
Fiesta decorations (even in the rain.)
San Antonio Maraca Wall 
Hipstamatic app. So gimmicky yet so impossible to stop.
Even in the rain.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

well named but not well suited

Lately I've been knitting Traveling Woman, and just lovin' it.  Which is apt.  I'm leaving for a trip to Texas tomorrow, it'll be the start of a ton of going to and fro through July.  I'm past the solid stockinette section and on to the lace repeats. As I've mentioned , oh, like every time I fly,  I do not sit on a plane without some chemical assistance. Just a touch.  It makes for pleasant airtime, but really messes up any knitting that requires counting of YO's.
Traveling Woman will come along for some clear headed ground knitting. Maybe with a beer and some chili fries here?
BTW, this is some fabulous vermillion Lisa Souza merino. I thought it was saturated red when I bought it (damn that lighting) but in truth, like this slightly orangey red  intensity even better.
So, I'm off to my LYS to acquire something simpleminded yet elegant. I'm thinking Gretel, in Be Sweet bamboo. And then I can pack my equipment for two shoots, and some clothes. Girls's gotta have some priorities, right?

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

gettin' stitchy witcha

I had one of those"it's right under your nose" moments. I was trying to prove my last post wrong, that there was some favorite Passover food that'd look all stylish-like in a quick photo. 
I've been thinking about stitching a lot lately. Inspired by Jenny Hart over at Sublime Stitching, and ohfergodsake I don't know her real name, Cauchy09,  go click & look at her Flickr page. Maryse , who's no stitchery slouch herself, intro'd me to Cauchy.0410famvVar_11 
Headslap! The most interesting item on the table wasn't the food, but the matza cover, the hand stitched one right in front of my face I'd been looking at my whole life. Stitched by my grandmother who knows when (1930's?40's?50's?). It has all the ritual seder foods embroidered on it, with their hebrew names.
0410famvVar_8 That's the bowl of charosets. Don't you love the lines?It's flying. wheeee!0410famvVar_6
This one's the bitter herbs, horseradish root.  I adore the plain blue and the super soft aged tea linen it's on. Inspired, I pulled out a basket of her unfinished stitch projects I inherited.
Get this: the last hand that touched that needle was my grandmother, leaving it mid stitch , the way you would when you get up to make some coffee, sometime around 1967 ish. It's the last corner of a 50" square tablecloth, the other three corners were completed.
I think I know what needs to be done here. 
(and if you want more about me & stitching, go over to the Two Shear Spirits blog, more there).