Friday, February 13, 2015

goings on

A quick hello because it is upon us: I am teaching a Smartphone/iphone Photo Class this Sunday Feb 15 at Knit New Haven.

On the left, the straght-up photo from my phone. On theright, after a a few moves /Apps to fix it up.
Come on out & join me. This is a fun class, and really, it doesn't matter if you are a knitter, this is a class you can take with a non-knitter friend, while sitting in a cheerful yarn shop. I guarantee you'll both leave with a few new apps & tricks to make your phone camera images fabulous.(You might leave with some yarn, too...but that's another story.)

Here's an example we shot while teaching this class in November, in Maryland.

On the far left, a quick phone camera shot of a skein of yarn on a typical meeting table, warts and all. Same photo; rotated, quickly fixed up a bit, and then labeled, all in Phone. If you're on Instagram, it's the kind of image that works well in the feed. (We'll talk about that).
 Even if you own a big beautiful camera, your phone is so much easier to whip out when you want shots of a new sweater, or a nice moment while walking the dog. I know I am guilty of that . Like, daily. The trick is to make the most of the image Why not ?
 We'll use free and inexpensive apps to take our phone images to a new level. The workshop is hands-on, moves fast, is fun and  and a review/critique at the end, of what we've accomplished. See you there? Call ahead to register.  Sunday 10-1.

Many more of my phone photos on my Instagram. Follow me