Monday, February 08, 2016

i don't wanna work, just wanna bangoutasweater all day

Has this title already been used? Anyone? Everyone?
I forced myself not to touch this in lieu of work today. I am so close to finished with my Stopover #bangoutasweater. It has been ridiculously speedy. I mean, I have not been timing myself, as others have, but  I remember now, this is why I used to like to knit these scandanavian sweaters- which is what I called them before I learned the so much cooler sounding lopapeysa.  Which gets yousome stares if not said to a knitter.  
Anyway, my progress here, since joining the arms to the body,  was aided by YarnyOldKim  mentioning of Broadchurch- a British detective story.
I am here to tell you, two binge-watched seasons later, it is A-1 knitting fare- a gripping plot, excellent characters, surprise murderers. Though at times I found myself frozen in suspense-- or in  the effort to unwrap their accents inside my head. The seaside Dorset setting is rather fabulous too.
As we speak now, I am halfway between what you are seeing up top, and the collar. I'm adding a little something extra, a 4th contrast color to get my Frank Stella #stellover  hues all in there. It just felt wrong to leave out the beige, and anyway, this is an exercise in stretching myself by using a color I disdain (beige) and a color I like but normally don't use much in my knitting, the Light Red Heather which is sort of a pinky coral red. 
I am clearly embracing it. I found myself frosting the cupcakes for Zoe's birthday party yesterday with Light Red Heather Lopi buttercream. No one complained.
1) I've discovered that you rarely get a complaint when you offer up anything covered in homemade butter cream. I am an unreliable baker but I whip up one hell of a buttercream and 2) Four year olds and cupcakes? Complaints unlikely.  It was as noisy and cheerful as it looks. Four. Years. Old!

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

random knits, banging out a sweater

This is Meltwater  from Elizabeth Elliott Knits, just brand new released today on Ravelry from that link. One of four stunning designs I shot for her last month--others releasing in the weeks to come. If you are looking for a quick happy-making bulky knit and aren't feverishly Banging out a Sweater, this is the what you need to get on the needles right now. 

Speaking of random,  I am astounded by the assortment that accumulates on my kitchen table each day. I am a natural clutterer. It's cleared after breakfast and by 4 pm...not clear. Recently: the teal indigo mass on the left is now a blocked but not yet fringed shawl. The mug on the right is my new favorite item--a gift from my sister who was in South Africa last summer.The rest is typical. Stuff. 
And speaking of the sweater banging-- my Frank Stella inspired Stopover is coming along nicely.   I got most of a sleeve done on the train in and out of NYC yesterday. I forced myself to knit continental on  it while riding south yesterday morning,  which neatly does the trick of slowing the pace.  I look at my fingers and think "can't you do that move faster?".  Nope.
Why would I do that, purposefully knit slower,you ask?  I didn't want to cruise ahead and leave myself knitless on the last hour of the 2 hour ride home at night. The plan was perfect, except of course I dozed off and now have 2 inches left to go. Oh wait? It's not a race???? 

Anyway, I can't wait to join the three pieces and start the yoke party.  If you follow me on Instagram (I am galezucker there) you will no doubt see it soon-ish.