Saturday, April 09, 2011


Anyone else feel like they've been in a holding pattern for a coupla months? Well, I'm busting out. First course of action:
I'll be listing a bunch of them, but for starters
• the "my own backyard"  day workshop May 15th, 10:30-4:30 at Knit New Haven in Connecticut, info and signup here
Fiber College in Searsport Maine, September 8-11th, you must go check out the classes. Seriously cool, like  knitting with Mary Jane Mucklestone , dyeing with natural materials, spinning, woodworking,  hooping (!)  and of course, photography with moi. I'm teaching 3 separate classes. This is the first time I'll be offering a more advanced lighting class, in which we'll get all geeky over adding artificial light sources into the mix.

More dates, locations & classes will be up soon. Class size is always limited to keep it personal, so don't hesitate too long if these appeal.
OK, now I have to go outside . Did I mention it's spring ??!!!!!