Monday, March 28, 2022

show and tell -with cookies!

Show and tell! Click and order and treat yo'self:

My beloved cookie bakery client--the ONLY cookie bakery URL you need- AUNT COOKIE  is doing a fundraiser for feeding Ukrainian refugees. For every 1 pound order of her NYC Confetti Cookies (rainbow or special blue and yellow) she is donating $15. to World Central Kitchen.  Treat yo'self . And send some to a friend!
 As Aunt Cookie says: Taste the Love--and Share the Love".

Answers to questions you didn't ask:
 • the cookies are elevated sugar cookies with a sprinkly crust. You will not be disappointed.
• you can put them in the freezer to slow down eating the whole package in one day. Except they taste delicious frozen too. I mean it, these are really good cookies.
• there was some sprinkly exuberance at the photo shoot that could not be contained to the tabletop set up. A week later I am still finding the runaway sprinkles !
• in case you wondered about sprinkles and their place in history and global cuisine, I gotcha covered
• sunflowers are a symbol of Ukraine and pretty much SOLD OUT everywhere. It took an exhaustive search to get this lonely one in the photo, found in a bouquet.  I couldn't persuade the florist to switch out a few from the other small bouquets she had.  Every place I tried said they are selling out of sunflowers as fast as they get them in.  And it turns out there is already a sunflower seed shortage so....

• • • MORE SWEETNESS• • • • • • 

The finished Baby Fern Lake has the most important part: the baby! meet Raina Rose, born last Tuesday night. We are all in love. 

(more about this excellent blankie here)



Friday, March 11, 2022

three things: random

 1) Baby Fern Lake Blanket

Done! As far as blanket knitting goes, this is a good one.  The Remix yarn is all recycled, mostly cotton with a hand that even an animal-fiber-only type person like me can love. Even though knitting a small blanket is the same amount of stitches-or maybe even less stitches- than knitting a sweater, it has a bigger slog factor.  It's a good knit and blab project though!

2) A Place to Knit and Blab (and Swim Outside in Winter in New England)

 Heated pool in winter in the Berkshires.  Heaven! I spent two days at the Red Lion Inn with a dear old friend (my college room mate ) last week.  I feel like the luckiest person ever that after all these years, she and I are happy  to spend a couple  days hanging out together with this  schedule:  knitting in a suspended-in-time old inn sitting room followed by  swimming laps in wool hats under a bluest of blue skies in 20 degrees F with steam rising from the pool.  Followed by the hot tub.  Blabbing the whole time. I know it's not everyone's idea of good times but it works for both of us and we may have been grinning like fools. 

3) Patterns and Patterns 

In our room at the inn.