Wednesday, February 16, 2022

State of the Making Report


The Fern Lake Baby Blanket progress!  On the upside I am loving this Berroco Remix yarn. The colors together and nubbiness are just exactly what I hoped they'd be. 10/10 recommend as an alternative to a woolly blanket, if you have non-woolly blanket people to please. Also it is 100% recycled fibers,!
I'm sticking to this till it's done.  Might take a few days at my snail pace of an inch or two a night. If I had a good get together with friends I'd knit on this and blab and make all kinds of progress. True confession: I find blanket knitting a little on the boring. Even with a pattern that hits the right mark between engaging and simple. Thinking back, I can only recall two other blankets I've knit, ever! Maybe three if you count a collaborative mitered square blanket* tho making small squares is a different kind of thing.  
One was on gigantic needles when I was in college...and the other, this baby blanket for Zoe, ten years ago. (!) and I am dying looking at the linked photos now....
 I tell myself it's the same number of stitches as knitting a sweater and that item always engages me. It's the lack of shaping. With sweaters, you can tell yourself ooh I reached an armhole! I am almost to the hem, go go go.  Conclusion: I am all kinds of immature and like a reward ahead to keep me motivated.
So, since I wouldn't let myself even think of another knit while working on this, my mind fixated itself on sewing flannel receiving blankets. If you're thinking "wow , I usually don't see sewing projects from gale" you'd be correct. I have sewing skills. I don't trot them out too often.
It would have been a fleeting impulse. Except I looked at the Joann's website. Turns out I could sit by my fireplace sipping wine late Friday night, choose all the flannels, order them, and pick it up all cut and ready for me first thing Saturday morning.
So. I did. 
If I got nothing else out of these past two years of pandemic, I got fierce online shopping skills and no hesitancy to use'em.

This will be four double sided blankets--two will be backed in orange, two will be backed in the pink dots and one will be two shades of purple. I spent way way  too much time watching online tutorials of making mitered corner borders....and hopefully my plan will work.

Had to share a clearer view of this one. Have I gone full granny with this post? YES I HAVE.


*looking back at that linked mitered square's pretty cool. I may have to do one of those again!

Thursday, February 03, 2022

3 Things about Knit for Food Knit-athon

Knit For Food 

1) It's soon!   Saturday  FEBRUARY 12 2022 , organized by designer Laura Nelkin who has tons of info if you click on that logo above or here

 Knit for Food Knit-a-thon is a 12 hour knitting marathon on February 12th, 2022 to raise funds and awareness for food insecurity. The money we raise will be equally divided between Feeding America, World Central Kitchen, No Kid Hungry, and Meals on Wheels.

 Last year, when Laura tried this for the first time, the Knit-a-thon raised more than a quarter million dollars. How amazing is that? 

Baby Fern Lake in Berroco Remix

2) It's virtual yet communal. You join other knitters (or makers, you're not boxed in) for a 12 hour 10am-10pm creative marathon  while zooming with all sorts of entertainments/blab/presentations going on .   I mean, you can do this by yourself without being online at all, or join with friends, or you can pop in for part of the time...last year I was a presenter and had a blast.  You can participate by forming a team to fundraise or join an existing team ....check out the fundraising link for details. 

Fern Lake Blanket in Berroco Lanas
3) This calls for just the right project, does it not? Yup, you get a bonus cast-on rationalization. Here's my main suggestion for Knit-athon-ing :  Baby Fern Lake,  top picture above, it is a free pattern from that link.  I am cranking mine in Berroco Remix because I really like this yarn, it's machine wash /dry and I love the colors and its tweedy rustic-y look.  There's a fourth color too,  not shown- it's a sweet light pink. New girl arriving in March :-)

This project is ideal for screen watching or sitting around yapping or zoom knitting--a slip stitch pattern, 4 row repeat and flies by in that satisfying way as the colors switch  without having to think too hard or get too sloggy with it.

If a baby blanket isn't your jam right now, there's the original grownup version, Fern Lake Blanket,. TBH I fell in love with it when I photographed it like this for the pattern a while ago, it's waffle-y in the soft wool yarn. Can't go wrong with this one.


Don't forget the 1st Saturday in February is Ice Cream for Breakfast Day! Grab your pint and spoon.  I'd hoped to have a big open house for the occasion this week however still plenty of covid around year!