Thursday, December 13, 2018

3 projects from Saturate/Desaturate

I've been on a work bender since late summer, photographing a ton of projects that I am crazy about. Like, I'm busting to show and tell.  Most of them won't surface for months or even a year...but happily Saturate/Desaturate , a collection and ebook from Kirsten Kapur/Through the Loops was released a couple of weeks ago.
It's probably not news that I love collaborating with Kirsten, considering that I shot her Shawl Book One and we co-authored Drop Dead Easy Knits with Mary Lou Egan. Among other adventures.
This book is extra special to me. The concept came up when we were on a long drive and I was saying how her designs are so strong that she could show them in both her signature color combos AND as natural, neutral solids that let the textures and geometry shine, showing each piece two ways. A while went by (we come up with a lot of schemes that never reach action). Then she told me she'd partnered with Malabrigo Yarn and the idea became real! Next we had to figure out a way to photograph the collection.
Naturally we came up with fantastic visual solutions that far outstripped the budget. Like going to a wonderful location where there were houses painted all kinds of colors and shooting in front of them, or shooting by street murals all over NYC , standing somewhere different for each set up. Logistically a budget buster for all the extra model and shooting  time needed to travel all over.
In the end, I decided that each project was plenty strong on its own.  No need to get crazy with the backgrounds! We'd show Saturated (in multi colors) against a plain white studio wall, and then the Desaturated (monochrome neutral or natural color version) would be photographed against a multi colored backdrop of fabric and styled with more neutral / naturals.
There are five patterns in the collection--I left off a bulky hat that I love, and a gorgeous wrap that looks crocheted but is infact some beautiful knitting stitch. You can purchase them singly if you are able to make those kind of choices ;-)  Go look!

Thursday, November 01, 2018

3 things: knits I am looking at

I invite you to follow my hashtag above over on Instagram, please!  I had a lightbulb go off over there last month.  (you are going to your best middle school voice).

1)  Westminster Shawl by Toby Roxane Barna, from her book Design Doubles. That's Toby herself, modeling. We started planning this photo shoot in 2015, shot it in 2017 and it just came out!  (the book pairs sweater and shawl designs that use the same motifs or stitch patterns but in different ways). This one is knit in bulky yarn--I'd wear it as a scarf.

I spend a majority of my work hours photographing, planning/prepping/proposing to photograph (or post production editing ) handmade knits. or related subjects.  I'm immersed in knits and images and yarns I am dying to show you but can't till they are released, months or even years later.

 2) Legwarmers in Berroco Millifiori Big. These were shot in spring 2017.  At the time, all I wanted to think about was the end of winter! But this week? So fresh and YES! 

I realized I should just post what is newly released, or whatever calls to me seasonally or by mood or style.  More often than not  I love revisiting the photographs separate from the context of the work day we shot it in. .
3) and here's my 3rd thing in knit photos: more legwarmers! I adore these bootcut shaped ones from Jill Draper Makes Stuff new collection Here. It's all in her wonderful Kingston yarn, photographed in her hometown of Kingston NY. This was shot in a combination bar & bookstore (seriously why do I not live near one???)

I'm not making the blog a priority these days  but I'm not giving up--just showing up when I can. Meanwhile I hope you'll say hi on Instagram or wherever you find me.

* I'm going to be a sheep peep helping my friend Anne Lahners at her Olympia Farm booth at the NE Fiber Festival of New England  in Massachusetts this weekend on Saturday Nov 3 (it continue son Sunday Nov 4) . Please swing by and say hi if you attend!  I am looking forward to it like crazy.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

3 things about Mucklmarl yarn

3 Things on Thursday gives me a manageable way to jump back here with yarn that is on my mind. Mucklmarl from Starcroft Fiber Mill in Maine
#1 the yarn is spun only from sheep that live on islands off the coast of Maine
 In June I was Downeast helping with the annual island sheep roundup with my friend Jani Estell and her Nash Island sheep. Their fleeces are what she uses for  beautiful fiber and yarn at her mill.
 Along with Nash Island, which is her all-white largest flock (100+), she keeps a mixed colored smaller flock even further from shore,  on tiny Flat Island.  I usually travel up for the larger shearing but this year I was lucky enough to make the Flat Island outing  on a wild and woolly early June day.
 You can see ,from this view of the crew setting up the temporary corral, that there were what Mainers call "seas". Which means, wind and plenty of waves and whitecaps. It was an exciting ride out to the island.
Part of the flock decided to go for a swim to avoid roundup (!), which was also exciting-- and frustrating. They had to be left unsheared till they dried off.  More than half of the population made it into the fencing.
 Looking down on the skirting table. That's normally my station but I was shirking my duties at that moment. Flat Island has a rocky outcropping, so I could get these views looking down on the action. This made me ridiculously happy.
Beverly Army Williams skirting in great style. Look at that  gorgeous fleece. Also at her Elizabeth Shannon apron she made from an Ellen Mason pattern.
#2 the yarn is marled,  plied with one strand of colored sheep and one natural white
 Jani  released a new yarn called Mucklmarl that's spun from the fleeces of these colored Flat Island sheep plied with her white Nash Island. It is bouncy and soft but also woolly and just exactly what I want a sweater of! I came home with an SQ (sweater quantity) and am  spending waaaaay too much time considering my options of what to cast on.  

 Sarah Hunt, aka Fibertrek, and the leader of the Wool Scout retreat along with Jani, knit a Dreyma pullover  in the lighter shade of Mucklmarl with a solid for the colorwork. Love this!
Our little secret. heh. 

#3 sometimes it's hard to decide what to knit when you have an SQ of yarn that is special to you I want to knit a pullover, something slouchy to wear every day. Top contenders at the moment are The WeekenderLouLou , Circe or maybe Such a Winters Day...  but I am open to pullover suggestions! What have you seen?

Mucklmarl is worsted weight with a little bit of halo so it could be knit on a 7-9 needle. If you want some, it's a limited release, sold  by ClementineMaine online or if you happen to be in Rockland Maine, stop in.

whew, it feels good to be back! what are your knitting plans for the cooler weather ahead?

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

July 17th we sail! Thimble Islands Knitting Cruise Night 2018!

Ahoy knitting mateys, we are doing it again ! 
Cruise the Thimble Islands on our knitting charter out of Stony Creek in Branford CT.

TUESDAY  JULY 17TH  6-8 pm


(rescheduled due to intensely bad weather)


• please send me  your ticket $ via Paypal to •

board from the Stony Creek Docks at 5:45pm

• • • • • •

we always sell out -  don't lollygag or you'll be left ashore

Our (almost) annual knitting cruise in the Thimbles  = a  night of cool salty breezes, knitastic company, snacking and drinking, peeping at the island homes and knitting as we tootle along the Connecticut shoreline.

There are no bad views from the Volsunga
Post-cruise smiley dock shot from last summer.  


• we sail rain or shine- the boat is awning covered

• yes, non-knitting friends welcome too

• bring drinks for yourself and snacks to share if you wish

• or bring along your dinner, anything goes

• not affiliated with any shop or knitting group

• parking in Stony Creek can be tricky- leave plenty of time to find a spot and walk down to the docks


A snippet of knitting action before we even left dock last July.



Tuesday, May 22, 2018

join me at TNNA for PhotoShoot workshop

I am teaching at TNNA in June 13-15  in Cleveland: 
from Berroco Medina pattern booklet -- see the BTS photo from this shot further down

Two excellent social media photo and writing workshops along with Beverly Army Williams, and solo, Photo Shoot A-Z: Planning, Producing & Picture Making. *

I put my PhotoShoot workshop together because the comment I hear most often from first time clients goes something like this: “whew! I had no idea what went into a photo shoot! Thanks for holding my hand through it”.  

The truth is, that day you hold a camera is just a tiny part of a photo shoot. The preparation, the planning, the thinking through the elements- that’s what makes a successful and productive photo shoot. 

It’s partially stepping back to see the big picture of what else beside your product needs to be considered- theme, setting, styling, wardrobe, light sources, effective colors, people? Who is arranging those things? What kind of help is needed? And it’s partially knowing the language —what kinds of files do I need? How do photographers charge if I decide to hire one? What do I ask for?  How long is expected  to get the final images and how many do I get? What are rights? Who chooses the model? EEEeeeek!! How do I even find a model who represents my vision for my business?. 
Here's a BTS view from the shot at top. shooting at noon on a sunny beach day in late September on Cape Cod
And, more such thoughts. It was fun for me to break down what I do and make a flow chart. (I am very proud of my flow chart). It’s designed to lead students choice by choice from their very first thought of needing a photo shoot, through to planning it, including choosing whether to do it themselves or seek the skill of a photographer for the project. 

 This class is not necessarily for someone who wants to work as  photographer (though it certainly could be helpful ). It is for anyone who needs to create powerful images of their product, shop or business, to enhance their marketing. Because as we all know, that old saw-  A picture is worth a thousand words—is truer more than ever on social media and online marketing. 
I love this image-- its the Awestruck Shawl from Appletree Knits --in her gorgeous yarn
This is all about you learning to be the confident leader/creator of the photography for your business, no matter who is holding the camera. The class will be small enough to customize information for those who attend.  We will have time for Q&A at the end, so we can take it in any direction.


  • Leveling Up Your Business on Social Media | Wednesday, June 13 | 4:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
  • Photo Shoot A-Z: Planning, Producing and Picture Making | Thursday, June 14 | 8:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
  • 10 Photo and Hashtag Tricks to Build Community | Friday, June 15 | 7:45 a.m. - 10:45 a.m.

* If you can't attend, we are happy to teach elsewhere, and to tailor the content to your business--just send a message. We love doing in-service and in-house workshops! 

**PhotoShoot class is Gale alone, the other two classes are co-taught.

Will I see you there? Let me know!