Sunday, April 18, 2010


Austin in general. Green chile cheese fries here, in particular.
San Antonio
San Antonio, even in the rain.sanantonio_fiesta
Fiesta decorations (even in the rain.)
San Antonio Maraca Wall 
Hipstamatic app. So gimmicky yet so impossible to stop.
Even in the rain.


gayle said...

Gimmicky-schmimmicky - I still love it!
Hope you're having tons of fun.

Ellen Bloom said...

Two of my fave towns....San Antone and Austin! So far, sounds like a grand vacation!

Turtle said...

mmmm green chili cheese fries! One state i have missed!

twinsetellen said...

The loops on the "S", particularly irresistible.

Mary Lou said...

Love the app results - love San Antonio, mostly because my favorite 10 year old yarn winder lives there, so if you need any yarn wound, I can set you up.

Stacey said...

Since you're in my neck of the woods (Texas Hill Country)-- I hope you enjoy yourself. Sorry for all of the rain!

woolanthropy said...

That hipstamatic app is too good. Have fun!

Kym said...

Oh, you're making me miss my college days! (Hook'em Horns!)