Wednesday, November 02, 2011

wip it wednesday

Hot on the heels of Photo Heavy Monday, I'm instituting wip it Wednesday. It'll be sobering fun to air the goods underway. Right now there are many, maybe my most ever at one time.   Here are Two Most Likely to Be Finished Really Soon.
Giuliana, from Peru, is freezing in our New England weird October. She's not from the woolly alpaca highlands, but from Lima, which doesn't have a truly cold winter. So, yes,I get the irony: I am knitting her a hat, while my son wears the Peruvian chullo he bought when they visited her family last summer. She requested a simple ribbed hat she'll wear with the bottom 3 inches or so turned up over her ears for extra warmth. She chose the yarns from my Big Bags O'Leftovers. The mustard color is Berroco Ultra Alpaca, from....Peru. It's a small world, after all.
There's not much more satisfying than a big (very) wound skein of Cascade Eco Wool in  bear-y brown. So much yardage, so hefty.  I'll spare you the image of Bobo, our enormous American Bulldog, picking up one of these irresistibly sheepy cakes, walking around with it entirely  in his humongo jaw, looking at me like "Hey, you said it was cake, right?"
I'm sure I'll be even more satisfied  with it as a Cadence sweater . I'm doing my usual election day gig at the polls as a ballot clerk.  It being a very quiet local election, I'm thinking Voting Day might also be  Knitting Day. (But still,  USA citizens, go vote. Democracy is pretty wonderful. Don't worry about us knitters sitting the polls).
Special  feature! wip ideas for you . In case you don't have enough on your needles (and hook).

Check out Stacey Trock / Fresh Stitches kits for her big squishy amigurumi. These aren't the teeny weeny novelty projects that you use toothpicks to maneuver, but big squishy creatures  with a lots of personality. Kind of like Stacey (although she's not very big, really).
I'll be back Weekends, next. On Friday or Saturday, or maybe even Sunday. Gives me a lot of leeway with just a touch of regimentation, right? 


Anonymous said...

Love the post! How funny that as I was reading your post, in the back of my mind I was thinking about heading to the couch to knit some more on the Cadence I'm knitting my daughter (to be worn freshman year at college north of Albany).

penny said...

my Shadow (cat) steals the alpaca or cashmere (when I am so lucky) off my lap and carries it around the house like a kitten. he has good taste in yarn. ;)

simple hats are warm happy hats. may she wear it in good health and happiness.

twinsetellen said...

Sweet photo of Giuliana and the colors will be lovely on her.

My color of choice is all the grey. Such a pretty grey, such a cozy sweater.

Carole Knits said...

The colors of the hat are beautiful together and that sweater is going to be FAB!

Jenn said...

I love your post categories! And, your knit are lovely.

Mary Lou said...

Just finished a sweater in Ultra Alpaca. Love that yarn.

gayle said...

That hat will be perfect for her - excellent colors!
My little cat used to walk off with my yarn. I had to be Extremely Vigilant at all times, while knitting...