Monday, November 07, 2011

entubed: our tv field trip

Today's Photo Heavy Monday comes from our Craft Activism field trip to WTNH, the TV station in New Haven. They invited Joan & me to tape a segment for  CT Style, a mid day talk show. Totally fun. I'll stick our segment in at the end, so you can watch it if you have 5 minutes .Craft Activism models & co-authors 
Raises the question: do you need curly hair to be associated with Craft Activism? Um, hells yeah.183_GZucker1011caEvents 
The set, before we decorated it with our books. Noting what our host was wearing, we accessorized her.194_GZucker1011caEvents 
Tell me she doesn't look awesome in the Ocelot scarf (project in the book, y'know).202_GZucker1011caEvents
True story: while Joan helped Stacey and Beth get set to model for us, I went to go check my makeup. WTF? My shirt was on inside out-and no one told me? Caught just before I made a total ass of myself. Yay for the ol' confidence.
Our good fortune: the other guests were a cooking segment, from Leon's.184_GZucker1011caEvents

Guess who had Prawns-or were they Langostinos-  in a Spicy Tomato Sauce ?  Yum.

All in all, very fun and kind of funny. Neither Joan nor I are used to being in the spotlight but neither of us is uncomfortable on set, either.  I'd hoped to flourish the Fussy Cuts blanket so I had it in my lap , giving me an FDR'ish forbearance. Don't believe me? Check it out:
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Curious about upcoming book events? Look over on our CraftActivism blog.


twinsetellen said...

Fabulous! I was somewhat amused that she asked how challenging it was for you to do the photography - did she not realize that photography is what you do?

You looked great, and that red scarf around your neck has its own message, eh?

Jenn said...

What a great piece! I too chuckled when she asked about the challenge of the photography.

Mary Lou said...

I don't have curly hair, but when long it is naturally wavy....

Mary Lou said...

Totally cracked up when she asked you about the photography. And loved that you wore the red scarf.