Saturday, November 26, 2011

coffee giveaway, notated

Coffee. Love everything about it*.  A big honking hot mug to start the day, every day.  Iced on a summer afternoon.  Coffee ice cream? Yes. Decaf with a shot of liqueur for dessert.  I like the kick from caffeine, the smell of  beans roasting, the ritual of the coffee break in a group setting.**  And professionally speaking?  We location photographers are notorious, and deeply opinionated, coffee snobs.***
some wipps 11/11 
3 of my many wips: a sweater re-do, a baby blanket, one of 2  Fussy Cuts in progress
You know what goes great with coffee? Projects underway. I spent a lot of time in crafters' studios last year working on Craft Activism .  Everyone had some kind of mug within reach. You know how it is, you look at what you need to get done, go brew yourself a pot of coffee, take a sip, feel all centered and gathered and refocussed, and dig in. Making stuff and coffee. They just go well together.
coffee giveaway
Which explains why I'm doing this uncharacteristically commercial****  giveaway (keep reading! details coming!).  In September I taught photography at a crafting event sponsored by Starbucks. There were coffee urns all over the place, full of fresh brewed java, and coffee stations in the hallways, and coffee beans in our goodie bags, coffee fumes in the air, and even a coffee tasting with coffee chefs ***** in the hallway. It smelled divine. It tasted fabulous. I may have overindulged just a bit ******And at some point, possibly just after discovering I really like Italian Roast, I entered a raffle.
I completely forgot about it, until the email saying I won. Mmmm. Coffee shipped to my door, with accessories. Since I have good manners, I sent a note of thanks, which led to a conversation about my deep, deep appreciation of coffee, which led to the totally cool folks at Starbucks offering me a giveway for the blog.  Just in time for that need for extra fuel this crafting gifting season, right?
GIVEAWAY: 4 bags of Starbucks coffee and a mug, shipped right to your home
HOW TO ENTER: leave me a comment saying what you're making this holiday season. Or maybe you're buying handmade, or commissioning a handcrafted gift, or brewing beer or steeping fruitcakes.....just let me know about you and handmade this season in a comment and include your email address.  I'll do a random number for the winner.
DEADLINE:  12 noon est Dec 4th.The Starbucks folks will ship it to you.
Good luck
and now for the notations
* In truth, I don't like coffee stains. Sadly, I am really really good at collecting them.
**  I met Dave when looking for someone to take a coffee break with while studying in the library at the U of MN.
***  Location photographers are always traveling, and we need to kill time, or get shelter, or use the internet, or a bathroom while on the road. Coffee shops, good for all of the above. The snobbery? Well, when I  was first working with Joan Tapper, we were traveling through Arizona to meet the Navajo Churro sheep ranchers. She  accused all photographers of coffee snobbery. I vigorously denied it, and less than 5 minutes later made us go several blocks out of our way to find a cup of coffee I deemed "good enough". You know what I love about Joan? She doesn't gloat.
****  Can I just say? I like to support local coffee shops when I can but man, when  I can find a Starbucks in the middle of nowhere, or a small place serving their coffee, I am beyond happy. (Also, they always have decent bathrooms, music and good egg salad sandwiches.)
*****  I am not sure they were chefs, but they were dressed like chefs and knew a lot about coffee. I don't think I was hallucinating. But you never know.
****** The top of my head lifted off. Just a little.


tracytracy said...

Nice giveaway! I'm always up for the caffeine (:

Here's my handmade gift rundown:
4 pairs of socks
8 sets of fingerless gloves
2 hats
...and a last minute request for a Hobbes-type stuffed tiger that may end up a new year's present instead (:

Pretty much everything else I'm giving is handmade/local. Soap from South Austin People, mainly & a bunch of awesome things from etsy.

Chris H said...

I'm making hats and shawls. And soap. And bath balls. And whatever else anyone asks me to make. Oh, and shortbread! (HOW could I forget my annual shortbread-baking-fest?) And filling Longaberger baskets with chocolate chip cookies. :)


maryse said...

mmm coffee.
so my to do list includes:
1. my own fussy cut (i recognized the square on the top of your pile)
2. a pair of socks (almost finished)
3. i have 3 quilt squares to make which i've been avoiding since i'm a a little bit nervous about them

that's my short term list.

Laura Nelkin said...

I am just going to say that this giveaway would really help me make it throough the next month of crafting insanity!! Seriously it wld be appreciated!

Scott Rohr said...

I'm putting down my US 35 needles in the midst of making very quick (but hopefully stylish) Malabrigo scarves. Who knows, maybe I can knock out one a day until Christmas . . . if I have enough coffee.

Ashley W said...

I'm seaming a sweater for the husband right now (and coffee would be appreciated there!), then making him a mitts/hat combo (shhh, that one's a surprise... hard to hide a sweater in a 900 sq ft apt), a scarf for mom, mitts for a knitterly friend, and potentially sometime for the in-laws if time allows. Yes, I am crazy. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice Giveaway!!!
I am making as many fingerless mittens as I can get done....I finished 2 quilts and 3 pillow cases!!! A little coffee will go a long way !=)
How Aweome!

Tracey W said...

I'm making a DK-gauge sweater (in the round) for my son, and a couple of hats. It may take me the next month to finish the sweater...

Anonymous said...

I am drinking coffee right now and finishing up an "Audrey Hoodie" from Vintage baby knits!
Going to be close on the yarn!

Carole Knits said...

I love coffee, too! I don't knit much for Christmas because it's too much pressure. I am, however, making homemade vanilla as gifts this year.

Gracey is not my name.... said...

Okay, here we go, it's short...

fingerless gloves for mom (done)
scarf for friend (still need to wind yarn)
lap blanket for FIL and maybe one for MIL
foot blankies for Hubs

Stacey (FreshStitches) said...

ooh, coffee! So exciting!
Here's my (actually handmade by me) handmade list:
* painting for Tim
* knitted hats for mom and stepdad
* crocheted trivet for dad
* custom printed fabric and sewn tie for Tim's dad
* knitted dress for Tim's baby cousin
* knitted cargo pants for Tim's little cousin
* knitted and felted xmas trees for mom
* clay tea rest for Tim's mum

Everything else is purchased (from Etsy): a leather (initialed) keychain, a funky camera strap and hand-carved whiskey stones.

Yay! Handmade holidays!
stacey (att)

Julie said...

I'm doing 5 quilted table runners, one queen quilt, a set of tea towels, a set of handkerchiefs, a pair of Log Cabin socks, some korknisse, soaps, body butters and a set of cloth shopping bags.

emmy said...

OH! Starbucks! My favorite!

Every year I swear that I am NOT going to knit Christmas gifts and every year......Here's what's on the needles for this year:

* Knitted bandana for son recently
moved to Chicago
* Super warm hat for same son
* Cowl with knitted flowers for sis

I still have the feeling that I will be knitting like a fiend on Christmas eve!

Rose said...

I generally make some kind of sweet or spicy snack as a gift for friends at work...sugary walnuts, chocolate pecan cookies, or last year, a chocolate layered brittle.

For family members, I make a cardamom bread that is a tradition in my family.

And for myself, I just bought one of Moop's great hand made bags to cart my iPad around. So I'm both making, and supporting makers. And I'm a coffee fiend....

Unknown said...

MMM! Coffee! My husband loves coffee and I don't know what else to give him for Christmas besides coffee since I already knit him a pair of socks for his birthday. I'm currently working on these knitted Christmas gifts: socks, monster, sweater, scarf.

kelli ann & lorie said...

Hi Gale! My brothers & I lost our mum this month-- she died, suddenly, shockingly, in intensive care, 5,000 kms from where I live. Along with my sisters-in-law, we have vowed to make this Christmas extra-special:: it was a holiday that she adored, always sending care packages with chocolate bark (white and choc. w almond) and buying things throughout the year to tuck into our packages. I am knitting like a fiend, channelling all my extra energy into making cozy socks (heck, it's better than taking up smoking again). Mum also adored Starbucks. Take care of you & yours,

youngbibliophile said...

I love coffee too! Also, I'm doing a little Christmas knitting this year.
4 pairs of socks
2 hats
2 shawls
1 pair of gloves
1 adult woman sized sweater
Lest this frighten you, I only have to finish one shawl, one hat, and one pair of socks. Thanks for the giveaway!

Janelle said...

Mmm, I'm sipping coffee RIGHT NOW! I tried to rein in my holiday knitting this year and so far have restricted myself to one big project - a shawl for my mom that I completed earlier this fall. But I'll be buying etsy handmade for many recipients and have already found some cool pottery items for teachers and coworkers. And as always, I bake a lot of cookies. Storebought cookies just don't cut it here. I love your photographs - keep 'em coming!

Melissa B said...

Ooh, great giveaway! Most of my family wouldn't really appreciate handmade, which at least removes Christmas knitting pressure. So I'll probably knit something for a friend who has a birthday in early 2012, make fudge or cookies or something for my coworkers, and then buy for my family from their Christmas lists.

Cynthiacc said...

coffee! Yum! I'm making several handknit cowls for my various sisters, and a hat each for my grandchildren. I always bake a tray of cookies etc, for both my office and my husbands, and this year will help my daughter do the same, so caffeine would greatly be appreciated!


Jodi said...

Mmmm... I LOVE coffee! I'm knitting a wee little sweater and a whole bunch of hats. The big holiday handmade project is an aqua-colored cardigan for my mum! Just need to sew on the buttons.

Now that you mention it, making fruitcake is a GREAT idea. :-)

Paula said...

Mmm. Coffffeeeee. I roast my own but sometimes I forget and then I am very sad when I get up in the morning and there is NO COFFEE! and I have no one to blame but myself. So, some standby emergency Starbucks would be most welcome.

I am (or should be) making all kinds of things for Hanukkah (which is blessedly late this year). Felted catnip mice, soft purple hat, scarves, mitts, cowls, socks for me and maybe some embellished felt coasters to set all our coffee mugs on!

Anonymous said...

A doggie blanket

sherri said...

I am making spiced pecans from Alton Brown. They are different from others in that they have a bit of a delayed kick and some orange peel. Delicious. I will also be gifting an over the top shawl from Kristen Nichols which I made for my sister. It took quite a bit of time, but is a wonderful knit. Lastly, a few chocolate stout gingerbread cakes for a few select friends.

Elizabeth D said...

My Christmas knitting list begins early in the year as an ambitious "clothe everyone I know" and becomes increasingly more sane as Thanksgiving approaches. This year's project is "any color as long as it's blue" (I heard my aunt say that a thousand times). Blue hats for both her kids (my cousins, obviously), and the wife and son of the one who is married. I am 1.5 hats in, sidelined by misplacing ball #2 for hat #2. Will cast on tonight for hat #3, then do hat #4. Then, if second half of hat #2 is still missing, whip up a last-minute substitute. Time is passing so quickly!@

krayolakris said...

What a great giveaway...thank you! Since my small family is in the phase of life in which no one needs/wants presents, I'm knitting only a few items for that purpose. A scarf for my personal trainer who knows I'll never really lose weight but continues to work with me; a pair of socks for a direct report who said she fell in love with the wool when she saw it, and a lacy scarf for another coworker who selflessly volunteers as a crossing guard 5 days a week in all sorts of horrid weather to keep the kids safe in her neighborhood...even though hers are grown. Oh, and a scarf for the dear, somewhat eccentric lady who works the counter at the nearby chain restaurant, who asks how my day is going & seems to really care. A real sweetheart. People are good!

Jenn said...

I love coffee too! I'm still debating whether to make anything. I am leaning toward making a birdhouse for my mother-in-law, or maybe a cowl....

Rose said...

I'm making Jane Richmond's Mustard Scarf (which is like a cowl, I think), the Gap-Tastic Cowl, some fleece tied blankets, Fussy Cut squares and the Craftitude Vest from your book (I'm not pandering, I've already told you about my craft-OV-rama last month), and I'm buying handmade and/or local and thrifted. Hardly anything from major retailers (still trying to wean myself off of Target). I love the coffee, but my husband loves it even more, so he'd definitely get a bag or two from the giveaway if I win!! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

What am I making this season? Uh, coffee!!!!!!! Maybe a few cowls and toys as well. I'm working with quiviut right now, and it's like knitting a cloud.

Erika said...

Have you tried their Thanksgiving blend? It was so great, but now it is sold out in all the local stores and I am sad I didn't think to stockpile any.

I'm down to just one knit Christmas gift: a scarf for my stepmother, who requested it. No one else asked for anything, and I'm through with knitting stuff for people who don't really appreciate it!

Also knitting a pair of socks (for me) and one of those crazy-ass giant hoods (also for me).

Elisabeth said...

Ohhh, nice giveaway! Thanks :)

I'm trying to buy all handmade items as Christmas presents this year... hello Etsy!

Annie said...

I know when I am crafting, tea is never too far away from me.

I am crocheting a cowl wrap for a friend and a unicorn amigurumi for myself (to see if I like the pattern).

Baking wise...cookies, muffins, and cookie pops! MMMM

joyceetta said...

I just finished 6 pairs of fingerless more pair to go. I'll probably be making several pairs of socks and lots of people in the family have requested some more cotton dishcloths. So.....guess I need some coffee to keep me going.

joyceetta (at) gmail (dot) com

knitterlydesigns said...

Toys for my babies, cowls, hats, mittens, and whatever else I can finish in time!

knitterlydesigns on Ravelry

MicheleinMaine said...

mmm, coffee. iced, with milk, a splash of half and half and some vanilla syrup. Or coffee ice cream.

I'm a selfish knitter, and mostly make things for myself. Teacher gifts I've made have been mostly unthanked, so I'm over that. A hat for my nephew, a poncho for my niece, and maybe some mitts for a dear friend who is a quilter (and will appreciate them).

I do send homemade ginger cookies to 3 or 4 people so I"m not a total scrooge!

Terri said...

I'm making a lace scarf with some alpaca yarn I bought at a craft show. Plus, I've made a bunch of beaded jewelry for friends and relatives. I also have bought a glass kiln and am taking a dichroic glass class next weekend so I may be making more great stuff as bonus gifts for family!

Ruth said...

Ah, good. A fellow traveler. Knitting and coffee are perfect companions -- we spend many hours together, in fact. And, we'll be spending a few more in the next few weeks while i make some mittens, a hat or two and several more ornaments (stuffed with roving, naturally).

Best wishes!

Tara said...

Mmmmm, coffee.
My knitting this year is not a whole lot. Just a shawl, which is already finished and a baby sweater, not yet cast on. Possibly a hat for a swap, but maybe not.

deidre said...

Wow coffee! Knitting scarves hats and fingerless mitts. Sewing a tshirt quilt and baking cookies, making fudge and caramels. I could use a cup righr now, I think I am behind.

Marianna said...

I hope to get fingerless gloves finished for all on my list. I also made dog biscuits, and soap for those not getting gloves.

Debbolib said...

I'm already way behind, but I'm really trying to knit or sew all my gifts this year. Coffee will definitely help!

Anonymous said...

Yum! Coffee! I am making my beautiful Mom a scarf from Prism Merino Mia for her new black jacket. wIsh me luck! Amy

Anonymous said...

Well, don't know how I can win if I call myself anonymous! Will try again.

meredith MC said...

Yum, coffee. I confess that I'm an addict. My caffeine fueled holiday crafting includes hand-made cards, a knit cowl and probably a hat, and a little sewing. Thanks for asking!

Charlene said...

I'm only on cowl no. 2, but it's a good one - Avery from the Fibre Co.

Fleur de Fiber said...

So far I've made three cowls, a lace scarf, a hat, and there will be two more knit somethings. I have also dyed some yarn as gifts. Plus, I would like to make something for me!

DariceMoore said...


I'm knitting sweaters for each of my kids and a lace poncho for my sister, except I keep getting shanghaied into other projects (like a hat for a friend who's now stationed overseas, or a set of washcloths for relatives, or... you know. Fun little projects because the big projects are so BIG.), so obviously I'm going to need a lot of caffeine to get through the holiday season. ;)

Landa Green said...

I start every day with Italian Roast and want to experience the joy and surprise of winning. That said, here is what I planned to have under the tree this year--4 infinity scarves, 1 scarf, 4 cowls,, 3 hats, a pair of fingerless gloves, 3 shawls, 5 soap sacks filled with handmade soaps.

Tracey said...

You are so right about coffee and knitting going together! I am knitting baby booties and blankets for a lovely fried having her first baby. I am also knitting destroyed cowls and various other neck warmers for my girls and their friends. My son is the most knit worthy of all but I haven't decide what he will be getting yet!

Cindy said...

I am making an advent forest ;) using the Felted Trees pattern from the 2nd Mason Dixon book. Not all of my trees will be felted because some of my "scraps" are superwash, and not all my trees will be done for this Christmas.

I'm also working on a simple backstrap weaving piece (I'm just starting to learn, love it) and have about at inch of a vest for me done. I always have some spinning in progress! Thanks for the chance to win this coffee package!
Cindy (on Ravelry: yarnstead)

twinsetellen said...

Hilarious post, especially the notations. I was glad I had a cup of good coffee in my hand while I read it.

Does organizing my stash to uncover the bed where my in-laws will sleep count as a holiday fiber activity? No? How about buying yarn the Split Rock Mesa Weavers and roving from one of the individual shepherdesses? Oh, in an entirely different aesthetic, I did knit a couple of Zico pompom yarn scarves for some young ladies I know. :-)

Jenn C. said...

I've been immersed in test knitting world so far this crafting season, so I am not going to be making much.

But! I made jam this summer and several people on the gift list will get jam with their other goodies, and I'm knitting a hat and mittens for my best girl.

laurie said...

Great giveaway!. Slim crafting this season, making a christmas sock for a college boy, going to try a duplicate stitch fire dancer on it, wish me luck.

One Stitch at a Time said...

Fantastic Giveaway! I'm knitting a hat right now, as we speak! Will start a poncho and fingerless mitts in that order ASAP.

Unknown said...

My handmade plan is PJ Pants (and books - books count as handmade, right?) for nieces, nephews and young family friends - I have the flannel, I have the books, I just need to pull the right pattern sizes and sew. I ordered linen blend calendar-teatowel panels when a well known print your own fabric design outfit was having free shipping. I will hem them and give them as the "something to open" for the aunts and uncles who usually get charitable contributions for their gifts. In case I'm the winner - I'm at mrsngo at hotmail dot com.

Unknown said...

Awesome giveaway! Thanks!! :P

I'm making:
1. Cigar Jewelry Box
2. Homemade Peppermint Bark
3. Soaps
4. Gift Box out of Recycled Cigar Boxes which will contain a variety of homemade soaps/bath salts


Anonymous said...

That's awesome! I love it when you win something and not even remembering that you entered the raffle! And Starbucks IS super awesome to let you have a giveaway! :)

My to do list is pretty short... a hat, another hat, few ornaments, and a couple of quilts. You know. Nothing to it... right...

BTW, love the picture of us on your blog! :)

Barbara said...

Trying to be realistic: 2 pairs of socks each for Mom & Mom-in-law (3 or 4 pairs complete) socks for Husband (he has BIG feet, 1/2 of one sock done) one pair of flip top mittens and one hat (not even started). The problem is, I am deep in the middle of knitting for first grand child (baby shower next week) Nothing else is as fun.

Nadine said...

Thanks for the giveaway. We went through quite a bit of coffee with guests here for Thanksgiving, so a restock is in order.

I am making a lot and buying mostly handmade. I have a scarf, shawl, socks and cross stitch done with a shrug, cross stitch and slippers still to go. And a secret santa from my knitting group, so definitely some Etsy shopping there.

Sally said...

I'm making alpaca scarves and also
fingerless gloves from local alpaca
yarn. Plan to include a picture of
the alpaca that gave its coat for
the knitted gift in with the gift.
Nothing like getting personal with
your animal!

Meghan said...

I've just finished a scarf/shawl for my mother, which is my one and only Christmas knitting project this year. I've got four babies coming along in the spring who will need gifts, though, so I've jumped directly from Christmas knitting to baby-shower-knitting.

Dianne@sheepdreams said...

I'm sure many of us will need coffee to power through this month! I'm working on scarves for 4 daughters-in-law, hats and mittens for the grands and some tiny mitten ornaments to sell. I always make consumable gifts for friends: Bourbon balls (it's a Kentucky thing) and caramels.

Toby said...

I'm making handknit socks and a scarf. Usually I knit or sew more gifts, but this year I had trouble finding time.

tobys at rlshome dot com

Elisa said...

Great giveaway! I'll need the caffeine as the holidays approach! i'm currently knitting a hat for my DH. A lot of people will get cookies (pizzelles!) and quick breads as gifts.

Kathy Eyre said...

Cookie mixes in a jar with quilted lids for everyone, now, maybe some coffee if you are really nice to me!

Miranda said...

Oh, coffee... I'll need it to finish all the items on my list:

Cookies and candy and assorted goodies, as usual, for friends and family
Four hats
Two shawls
One pair of mitts
One cowl
One dog sweater
One scarf
One pair of socks
One hat out of handspun, if I get it spun...
And the simple quilt, left over from last year.

To be fair, some of these are alomst done. All I can say is that sleep is overrated.


Betsy said...

I'm working on 2 mini quilts and a knitted vest, maybe an iPad cover if there's time!

Katie said...

hmm... 2 sets of mitts, a pair of thumbless mittens (for my 3yo who's addicted to her thumb), a pair of socks, and, I hope, a long-overdue kimono.

stacey said...

What I've knitted so far for this year: 1 shawl for grandma, 1 hat for bother-in-law, one cowl for a favorite aunt. In the process of making: one queen sized quilt (fabric, not knitted) for the mother-in-law and her wonderful hubby, one hat and scarf set for my hubby, mittens for daughter and a sweater for son. Still have to cast on two more hats.

Su1282 (on Rav) said...

I'm making socks, fingerless gloves, hats, and a lot of bourbon pumpkin pie. Oh, and I've already finished the most adorable knitted, stuffed kangaroo for our baby nephew. It was supposed to be for my daughter's first birthday, but she's 11 now and not interested in stuffed animals (unless a boy gives her one, I suppose).

Susan J. said...

Great giveaway!! I'm making fingerless mitts, a whole bunch of triangular scarves, a few slouchy hats and some funky potholders (not knitted - they're made with bits of fabric, old labels, ribbon, etc - lots of fun to make).

Liz said...

Looks like the mitered squares that I thought would only be pillows are actually going to be a whole blanket! Thanks (to you and Starbuck's) for helping crafters get through with the right amount of caffeine!

Deena said...

Fingerless gloves, mittens, hats and sometime after Xmas, a sweater for my always supportive (of my yarn addiction) husband.

Connie said...

My handmade list for the holidays includes -
Tree of Life Baby Afghan (for my daughter's expectant friend)

Scrap Afghan (for my partner to cuddle under while reading)

Complete already begun DNA Scarf (for my daughter)

a pair of as yet undecided fingerless gloves (for my other daughter)

And, of course, I'll be hoping to win coffee!!!

greyowl60 at yahoo dot com

Sharpei4Kris said...

mmm, coffee, there is nothing better. Ever try cheese with an espresso rind? Yum.

Handmade gifts, knitted:
felt cat toys
fingerless gloves
chemo caps
and a scarf.

Susan said...

Very generous giveaway!
I'm running low on time this year so my handmade gift items will include 2 pair of handknit socks, a beaded shawl and time permitting a pair of mittens!

Diane said...

Mmmmm coffee ice cream.

There's a shawl on the needles which hasn't a chance of being finished by 12/25, but maybe by 1/25.

Last week I went a little crazy at the local fiber guild annual sale: jewelry, woven table runners, ornaments, hair thingies -- all gifts.

Over the weekend I lucked into a perfect gift on Artfire for a friend, a small calendar of flower photography, shot by Mary Foster.

And finally.....the annual fruitcake baking has been finished! Yes and it's already spoken for as gifts. King Arthur and I make goooood fruitcake.

And stollen, but that hasn't been started yet.

Nice of Starbucks to send along the raffle.

Kim said...

Ah coffee, the elixir of life! This year I'm making hats for Dad and Granny Babs. And if I can manage it, a long stripey stocking cap a la Schwartz in a Christmas Story for my son. Also cookies & candied citrus peel.

Unknown said...

I'm knitting gloves, cowls, scarves, sweaters (for kids) and a shawlette. I'm done with the cowls, kids' sweaters and shawlette...I needs coffee to keep me awake to finish up my knitting!

Natalie said...

Sweet. I am fairly new to coffee and needs lots of milk and sugar like a child to drink, but buzzbuzz is good. Making...There are lots of things on the needles, but one person reads your blog so I can't give too much away in that respect. I did buy on Small Business Saturday at a shop that supports loads of local artisans and bought several gifts there and I am going to UniqueLA on Sunday, which is a local gift show. Also I am getting ready to pickle some veggies as gifts.

Cricket54 said...

Caffeine....mmmmmmmmmmmm! For holiday gifts I've completed knitting the following:
1 market bag
4 soap sacks
3 grocery bag dispensers
8 dishcloths
2 scarves
1 pair of mittens
1 hat

Busy, busy, busy! :-)

J Bush said...

Okay, Okay, I'm entering. I am taking some of my "kitchen art" photo images and mounting them on 6x6" wooden blocks. They are varnished and then they can be either hung on the wall or put on a shelf. This is the first time I've done anything that is in the crafting category. I'm learning that I have about 12 thumbs but as the folk singer David Roth says, "Practice makes progress!"
The images include garlic and rosemary and thyme and sage and parsley....and then there are some fall leaves and some flowers. And they are affordable, as well. Everything that I'm selling or buying is handmade this year.

Thanks for all your good work, Gale! You are an inspiration.

Sarah Joyce said...

I recently discovered the Italian Roast too, love it.

I've made a t-shirt quilt for my daughter with all her high school t-shirts and am currently plowing away through two pairs of fiddlehead mittens for niece and son's girlfriend.

Three pairs of socks already made, two more to go...

Susan said...

I LOVE coffee so this giveaway really appeals to me. I am also doing a bit of knitting for Christmas, so the coffee will help me burn the midnight oil while I try to finish everything. I am making a Christmas stocking for Santa to fill for my 5 month old grandson; a pair of mittens to go with a green coat for a 6 yr. old grandniece; and a cowl (found the pattern on a blog) for my daughter-in-law.

Ashley said...

I'm making gingerbread men cookies to give to co workers.

hewella1 at gmail dot com

Sarah said...

I'm making scarves, hand warmers, and a cape firmly sisters and mom. Also leg warmers are on the needles for my daughter. Thanks for the giveaway!

Heather said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Heather said...

The only knitting related thing I am making for someone else, is a scarf for my boyfriend. I had knit him a scarf about two years ago... and he doesn't know where it is. >.>; Probably buried in his room somewhere. But he is visiting his family in Virginia for Christmas, so he will be in need of a scarf! ;D

email: hsailormoon @ gmail . com (no spaces of course~)

Agnes said...

I am making a scarf, hat and I have the foot started on a sock monkey. We are baking cookies to give as gifts for those we love! Thanks for sharing!!

Bonnie said...

Nice! I plan on giving my mom a bag of Guatamala Antigua for Christmas. I love that stuff. I'm doing lots of knitting for Christmas--socks for my mom and two sisters, mittens for a friend, scarves, fingerless gloves, a bluebird... a lot of knitting. I love to be able to make things people love and use!

lulubird said...

I would hope I don't have to disqualify myself by being a sister, you know- the nepotism thing- then again- I am craft activated, sister -inspired, meeting family KNIT requirements! Working on a shawl I got yarn and pattern for in Rhinebeck,(ok- for me), also three pairs of gift fingerless mitts- which Gale seems to think at least one pair is for her, I have aspirations to wooly felted slippers for my niece, and I did finish one scarf and hat this fall- I am also always game for a round of BEARS for the orphange project. After that- some baking (always iffy) and will I get some personaized cards in the mail before Valentine's Day? Not to mention running a two day craft event at work.Sounds like I need some coffee ;-P

Unknown said...

Mmmmmmmmm. . . Coffee. Been drinking it straight-up black since I was three.

Christmas projects?
1 Chullo with moose colorwork
3 pair socks
2 baby hat / bootie sets
1 shawl
1 cardigan
1 scarf
3 different kinds of fudge
1 lg batch almond toffee

slmiller8 said...

The only things I know for certain I'll be making are cookies; my husband might get a vest (haven't started it yet), and maybe someone will get a shawl. Low-key christmas this year.

toomanyufos on Rav

Alley said...

I'm glad to see there is someone else out there who loves coffee as much as I do! I cannot function in the morning until I have had my first cup, even my boss knows not to talk to me until around 9 am...
What have I been up to?
Making homemade Christmas cards to start. I joined a holiday card swap, and committed to making the cards. Its taken awhile but I'm getting there!
Knitting gift baskets for my mother, sister and aunt including a new woven basket and a couple of their favorite hand dyed yarns.
Buying from etsy has been a breeze and its amazing the handmade goodies you can find.
All the Best to you this season!
Alley :D

Jaemi said...

I drink coffee medicinally--I discovered at 18 that it prevents my asthma-induced bronchitis :)

This year for X-mas, I'm making a superbly delicious chocolate-flavoured coffee (or coffee-flavoured hot chocolate) mix. Also on the go, 2 toques (done), 2 cowls (1 down, 1 to go), wrist warmers (done), 4 baby/toddler hats, 4 pairs of baby/toddler booties, 4 pairs of baby/toddler mitts (started 1 pair of mitts and booties), a scarf, 2 knitted balls, a half-dozen crocheted wire snowflakes, and a ton of crocheted snowballs.

Sleep? What is this sleep? Never heard of it...

merryJ.713 (@)

Nanny Jean said...

I love my coffee in the morning and drink it while I work on one or two of my projects which is a shawl, two pair socks, a preen hat,a christmas stocking and a shug. I knit about a hour or two just depends what elso I have to do in the morning.

Brenda said...

Love this! I'm a chain-coffee-drinker. Need a fresh cup as soon as I finish the last.
1. I'm working on a knit shrug for the DIL,
2. I commissioned a handmade bracelet from a friend's etsy shop.


allyson said...

Mmmm -- coffee and knitting, the perfect combination.
This year I'm not doing too much knitting, but I'll still be rather busy. One of the gifts I'm giving my daughter is to finish all the projects I've got started for her:

1. a knit sweater
2. a pom-pom rug (yes, you've read that correctly -- many, many pom-poms stitched together)
3. a jewelry cabinet

This should keep me out of trouble until the holidays.

Melissa Badour said...

I make Creative Travel Mugs all Holiday season. Turns out people think they make great gifts! lol This giveaway would defnitely help me make it through the "Craft Fair" season (as I like to call it)!

AubreyLaine said...

gloves, hats, baby blankie!!
littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

bibliobleez said...

Already finished a cowl for my mom (yay!), working on a baby blanket for a friend who's expecting, and making a cowl and mittens for my brother. Plus a few hot pot holders and odds and ends for a few friends. Oh, and Christmas baking! It's our first Christmas as a married couple- how could there not be Christmas baking?! All that, plus master's classes mean I'll be consuming unusual amounts of coffee in the next month! :)


Unknown said...

Lovely giveaway! i'm working on my first pair of thrummed mittens, a few cowls, a few hats and I would really love to get a pair of socks done too. :) said...

Making six scarves/cowls for six beautiful nieces, who thankfully know how to appreciate a handmade fashion accessory. Love these girls! Can't knit fast enough for them. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, my three teenage sons will have nothing to do with handmade anything - at least in public. Blankets, on the other hand, are sceretly fought over.

Elizabeth said...

I'm making an infinity cowl for my niece and a lace scarf for my sister (her mother). I'm also hoping to make a shawl for my very good friend -- and have already purchased handmade earrings to go with it. Last weekend, I bought handmade items at a craft fair: some pottery, several pairs of earrings, two felted ornaments, a cat bed, and some cat toys. And I'll be buying more gifts from local artisans this coming weekend (probably jewelry and pottery). Supporting local artisans and finding unique gifts is a win-win proposition!

Karen M. said...
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Karen M. said...

Headbands and hats.

Brenda said...

Yes, I'm a coffee snob too. And I love just about everything about coffee.
Holiday list (already mostly complete):
5 pairs if fingerless mitts for book group
2 or 3 nephew hats
1 cowl
3 other hats
1 scarf
Husband sweater (most likely not done this year, but trying)

Susan said...


Lace scarf
Another lace scarf
3 toddler sweaters

Whew! I need another caramel sauce (not syrup) latte.

penny said...

oh. uhm. i've been knitting and embroidering like crazy for others to have something handmade to gift ... i'm still thankful that chanukah is late this year and i think i'm going to limit it to finishing knits for my house. It deserves holiday gifts too! I have a girasole blanket i started before we closed 2.5 years ago and a foot stool cover/lap blanket ... The cat is in love with a few cowls he stole from my basket so I might knit him a length of something to curl up with on his favorite windowsill.

Garand Gal said...

This year I am processing some deer and canning the venison for some friends and trying to figure out a more windproof sweater option for my husband. Maybe felting it slightly?

Dana said...

caffeine will be necessary for me to finish my grandma's socks, and the cowls for my sisters that I have yet to even's doable in 24 days, right?

gayle said...

I'm just doing a couple of hats this year, which may or may not get done. But in a couple of weeks, I'll be up to my collarbones in cookies & pumpkin breadlets & jars of jelly for goody baskets.

deirdre said...

Ahhh, elixir of life (along with red wine, of course, although not usually at the same time) -

I am currently working on felted bunny slippers for nieces, mittens and sweaters for my sons, and maybe some big boot socks for their dad... maybe

PhatLiz said...

Hand knitted gifts this season:
Basketweave scarf of baby alpaca
Ruffled scarf of grey-and-black Rio

Other gifts:
a gift cert to the LYS
coffee from the local roaster/coffee house

carol said...

I am making 20 or so aprons for friends, family and teachers as well as a couple of chemo caps for a cousin who is undergoing chemotherapy. Just finished 3,000 cookies over thanksgiving weekend (for family, friends and clients).

The Bon said...

I'm making a bunch of stuff elephant toys for the wee ones in my life, plus a couple of pairs of socks, a hat, a pair of slippers and a scarf. And a whole mess of tiny elf ornaments.

Susan in Katonah said...

Hats ... I've promised myself to make at least ten for the Hats for the Homeless basket at my LYS, and Two Angry Birds Hats, either one Red bird and one Green Pig, or two Red Birds. probably Two Red Birds.

Several people are getting homemade hot buttered rum mix, the kind that involves a quart of Haagen Daz, half a pound of butter, a pound of confectioners' sugar and a pound of brown sugar and a dab of spice.

monica said...

Great giveaway!

I am knitting a shawl for my mom
a scarf for a friend, spinning yarn for my sister and making my 2 girls ponchos.
I am also making Christmas cookies for friends!

Marie said...

What a very nice thing you and Starbucks are doing. I'm knitting my sister a pair of socks, my godson a pair of mittens in John Deere yellow and green, and a scarf for a friend. I love coffee and will share some of it with my uncle, who often asks for Starbucks for Christmas.

Ann said...

Love coffee! Making Backous lacy version.

kerrie.james said...

Mmmm.... Coffee. :)

Tis the season for crafting!

I've knitted three pair of socks, with 3 pair more on the needles.

I am also knitting 2 pair of mittens, a cowl, a shawl, a bracelet and a sweater.

I've crocheted a *ton* of spa cloths.

I've sewn several travel pouches.

I will also be baking cookies for gifting soon - a favorite are my Espresso Wafers :)

As aside: I had the opportunity to review Craftivism. I found it to be a wonderful book!

Dee said...

My handmade projects this winter season include three knitted scarfs (for my nieces and nephew) and homemade truffles :)

deeg131 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Thanks for an awesome giveaway - I had to make a cup of coffee just to read all the comments you have gathered already.
I am knitting my daughter the Gruffalo (pnoenixknits) and all his friends (which I will have to improvise on or find good patterns) for Christmas and my other daughter will get a handknit squirrel from the Beatrix Potter pattern series. I am also still working on a baby blanket - I have 2 stockings off my list by now and also finished are a knitted nutcracker (Alan Dart pattern) and a Rebecca the Christmas Rabbit (Phoenixknits pattern) so coffee would be very much appreciated!

Thanks and happy stitches

Suellen said...

I'm making socks, fingerless mitts, cowls, and a shawl. I love to knit my way through the winter. It sure would be nice to have some starbucks to keep me awake!

Jennifer King said...

I'm making a cowl, hats and socks....I haven't made enough progress on all to feel confident that I'll finish but giving it my best. Thanks for the giveaway!

Bullwinkle said...

I've got a Red Scarf for "Norma", hats for VT and hats for preemies. More hats (sister, BIL, 2 nephews), mittens (mom) and socks for dad. (My husband isn't getting anything handknit because he is (successfully) dieting and his sweater no longer fits. I am emotionally conflicted about this.) The cats are getting catnip mice.

Anonymous said...

lovely idea! Coffee would help me finish a dozen knitted brooches, a pillow, a workinprogress for 5 year cardigan ( this will be the year!). Hats for the Norwegian cousins and lace shawl for Mum. Thanks for the opportunity! Marilyn in Minneapolis

Anonymous said...

This year, I'm baking dog treats and sewing dog sweaters. I'll knit a few hats and gloves and toys, and whip up a couple nut rolls from an old family recipe.

Nice giveaway you have here!

Katiebell said...

Handmade gifts:
One Angry Birds hat- Done
One Batman hat -Done
One mohair scarf on the needles
2-3 loaves of banana bread
Crap ton of cookies

That plus 60+ Christmas cards should keep me busy this season.

MamaSue said...

A scarf (completed) and mittens (OTN) for my daughter

Three pairs of socks (one of each is already finished and waiting for its mate)

A Schmatta for me! (see Mason-Dixon website for free pattern; it's a button-up cowl-type thing)

Angie said...

I make biscotti (great for coffee dunking!) each Christmas to give-away. I'm making a hat for my husband for his stocking .... the Easter bunny may bring that instead. :D

phioniray said...

I'm being pretty busy for the last couple of weeks, trying to finish gifts for friends and family in time. Definitely no sleep for me, I'm in desperate need for coffee. ;)
I'm cross-stitching Christmas cards, beading bracelets, making decoupage jewellery, paper-folding animals for kids from a kindergarten where I work, and knitting a scarf. Whew!..

Gwen said...

Starbucks. MMMMGood.

handmade gifts on the agenda- cowls, hats, maybe a scarf or two if there's time. A couple of stitched project bags. Baked goodies in baskets (I may cheat and buy the baskets - work is crazy and I'm not sure I'll find time to weave three baskets!) I'm going to try to get some bath soaps made, too, but that's been my "plan" for the last three Christmases, and it hasn't happened yet. *sigh*

Kim W said...

My latest handmade "stuff": baby hat for the volleyball coach, hat for husband's birthday (even finished it on time!), fancy granny square for advent candle display, dozens of paper stars for 18 year-old's holiday party, and still hoping to make a batch of DIY liquid soap and a scarf for the Red Scarf Project (deadline 12/15!).

prov31wannabe said...

I made some homemade lip balm with sweet almond oil, shea butter, beeswax, and essential oil. I might also try pumpkin bread in jars and you "seal" them with flats and rings; the vacuum occurs when the bread cools.

Nice giveaway!

Susan M said...

I'm making gnomes, fingerless mitts, needle cases and hopefully one of your stockings!

Susan in Katonah said...

Second post, because I forgot to leave my email address, and I forgot to include knitted Christmas balls (still in the optimism stage) and a knitted party dress for a friend's new baby that is ridiculously, adorably tiny, and only lacks buttons.

Susan in Katonah

eclairre said...

I'm making holiday cookies for Christmas. Cannot wait. I'm deciding between making eggnog cookies or gingerbread. Maybe I should make both!