Sunday, December 04, 2011

you win some..etc

Ok, I am exhausted just reading the 136 descriptions of what you all are handmaking this season from my coffee giveaway comments. Exhausted! I random generated a winner, and she's been notified.  Thanks for entering. 
at the Fremont Fair in Seattle
No one mentioned that they have an art car they need to complete as a holiday gift. I adore art cars, don't you?  It'd take me a lot of coffee to get through this kind of brilliant crafting.
Joan & I originally had art cars and the art car community in Craft Activism, but we had to drop it due to space limitations and logistics. I'm still crazy about them, though.
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And because this is the perfect place  to kvetch, may I take a moment to acknowledge mercury in retrograde and its (predictable) effects in my personal orbit? As of noon today, the machines that have ceased working recently include: our clothes washer, the coffeemaker, the electronic throttle adjustment system in my car and the hard drive on my laptop. While I take the attitude that they're all, after all, just things not people, still.....ugh.


Elizabeth D said...

This reminds me of a week in September when our land line died, the phone company jerked us around (oh, surprise, surprise), I got a nail in my tire, school was canceled at the last moment because, although the weather was fine the school had no power, my mother fell -- just a few stitches, but frightening, and our computer died. AND the post office refused to mail a box after I trucked over there because it was from the liquor store and said Southern Comfort on the outside. Again (except for mom, who was fine and suffered no permanent damage), just minor stuff, but geez -- it gets to you when it all piles on!

Mary Lou said...

LOVE the art cars. That photo reminds me of the ones I've seen of Pakistani trucks, all painted and decorated. I don't need coffee (Scott says he is going to win anyway) but I'm trying to finish a Christmas stocking for baby Minerva. Almost done.

gayle said...

Has Mercury ever been out of retrograde?

We've had months like that, too. Just keep your head down and keep on trudgin'...

Cathy R said...

It is hard not to take such breakdowns personally, isn't it?

Good luck and hopefully the trend will clear up for you!

Ellen Bloom said...

Houston is the place for art cars, Gale. They have a parade and a festival centered on's FANTASTIC!!

Sorry about all of the breakdowns around your house. 'Tis the Season!!