Monday, October 31, 2011

the recycled owly craft activism party

I'm trying something new: Photo Heavy Monday. Yeah, I know it's not alliterative and cute. I'll work on that. Meanwhile, let's kick it with the Craft Activism booksigning & craft party at Brooklyn General Store.
Craft Activism book event
Craft Activism party owls 
Caitlin is our email pal and editor's assistant and most importantly, a crafter extraordinaire.
  Craft Activism book vetns

In which author Joan Tapper realizes the Sharrow sweater is just her size, but can't bear to remove her Hot Stuff apron- both of which are conveniently Craft Activism projects. If you want them, too.
 Heather, far right, came up with the owly project, inspired by the section on recycled crafting.
 Craft Activism book vetns 
Joan shows the Ocelot scarf, a pattern in Craft Activism.
Craft Activism book event 
Our Tech Editor Dorothy Orzel, with one of her former fashion design students.
Craft Activism book event
Craft Activism book event 
Above, what happens when a professional accessories designer gets crafting.
Craft Activism recycling 
This one's by Arline, my Imperial Cookies baker friend. She brought us ginger snaps.
Craft Activism book event
Kay Gardiner 's owly. We expected mitered wings. 

Craft Activism owls 
Mother daughter owls from my sister Marla McLean & niece, Ariana. 
Craft Activism owls 
It turns out sisters craft alike, too.
There are a few more photos of owly crafting over on my Flickr stream. The owly project was dreamt up by Brooklyn General, inspired by Crispina ffrench's work in the book. More about Brooklyn General over on the Craft Activism blog.


Marla McLean, Atelierista said...

That was so much fun! True confession...I carry my owl in my purse with me. No needles and pins are going in his head...ever.

twinsetellen said...

My book lies on the coffee table, open to the Hot Stuff towel. Dang it, I am supposed to be concentrating on knitting and spinning...

maryse said...

aww those owls are so cute!!

Cathy R said...

I can't wait to get a copy of you and Joan's new book!! The owls are fabulous!!

Any chance of a tour through the Denver area? It would be fabulous to see you again!

I know that I have failed miserably in my stalker duties...

Ellen Bloom said...

Waaaaaahh! Y'all are havin' just too much fun on the east coast!!! LOVE those owlys!!!

Mary Lou said...

That looks like a blast. I was so wet and late on Thursday, but so glad to be there. I am home and happily turning lights on. My sister still has no power.

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