Friday, October 14, 2011

rhinebeck, ny s&w, and other signs o' the season

There are reasons to embrace deep autumn. Start with the obvious: Rhinebeck aka NY Sheep & Wool Festival.
I'll head there at dawn tomorrow with  sister Lulu, and the trunk show for Craft Activism. I'll be booksigning & showing & telling with a passel* of contributing designer/craft activists from the book, although not with Joan, as listed (she is in Cali) in Building B at:
Craft Activism book signing Saturday Oct 15 2:30-4  &  Sunday Oct 16 11-12:30
*passel = Kay Gardiner & Ann Shayne of Mason Dixon Knitting, Ann Weaver of WeaverKnits, Kirsten Karpur of Through the Loops, Maryse Roudier & Rebecca Hatcher (actually I am not 100% clear on Rebecca )
 Not sure what I will do with this,  fr Enchanted Knoll Farms, at Fiber College. I call it my one skein wonder. Pretty, yes?
How about a Q&A for this year's visit? Sure..why not? Wait , is that a question or an answer? And, that, is that a question? um, I'd better start.
Q: so, aside form the booksigning, are you doing anything special?
A: I'm a SQUARE! I am oddly excited about this.
Q: How will you be recognized, like, watcha wearing?
A: I'm not good about planning outfits but this'll clue you in: I got a really bad haircut this week, it somehow rendered my hair curly, poufy and frizzy all at once. I can't do anything except chop it all off. Or cover it. I'm thinking Calorimetry. Plus my amazing intense turquoise sneakers with Edison soles.
Q: Any big shopping plans?
A: Nah. Most years I go with an idea  to scope out yarn for a specific project or two and then I get overwhelmed. Its just so much of a good thing, y'know? This year, I'm open to all outcomes. Kind of a Buddhist approach, no attachments.  Buttons, books, accessories, consumables...yarn. Probably won't come home with livestock though. It's good to have limits.
Q: Ummm, not to be pushy but..what about the photo thing from last year? Doing it again? and..will we ever see those 1817 images?
A: Not  this year--see booksigning/trunk show above--but maybe next? It was fun. I'd loooove to get more people involved, maybe with  animals too. I feel so GUILTY about putting this big edit aside. It's been a very busy year..I will get to them. I WILL!
----for details about other places I will be booksigning--with the real live visiting Joan Tappper- see the sidebar on our CRAFT ACTIVISM BLOG-----
Another sign o'the season- Monday was the last day of 2011 for the lobster shack in town. The shack is in the one of the marinas by a closed down factory, near the harbor  in the center of our town, I kind of love the old industrial mixed with the shiny nautical.
ps. It was delicious.As always.


Ellen Bloom said...


Have a FANTASTIC time at Rhinebeck. Jealous X 1,000!!!

You could always wear a lovely, flowered, crocheted headband to tame your curly locks!!!!

MicheleinMaine said...

Have a great time! I hope you sign LOTS of books! And, love the yarn - gorgeous.

Mary Lou said...

Man, I wish I were going to be part of the passel posse. One of these years I'm going to plan a trip home to coincide with NYS&W. Have a great time. I'll be here knitting my fingers to the bone.

Rose said...

Soooo bummed I won't be there to get my copy of your book signed (among other reasons :) Really enjoying your book, it even motivated me to have a crafting party with my peeps next weekend!

Marla McLean, Atelierista said...

Must be hungry...the yarn is like a merlot and then you end with a lobster roll! Torture.
Looking forward to the Craft Activism NYC Events.
Rhinebeck sounds like a great experience. Happy for you.