Thursday, October 06, 2011

join me at Webs Th Oct 6 6-7:30

pssst---stop by for a visit on the new blog for our book, Craft Activism
Booksigning & trunk show at Webs in Northampton MA ! Play dress up in the Craft Activism samples. Stacey did * !
and so did Julia, below, one of the Knit New Haven triumvirate. She totally rocked the Bella Brooklyn modern housedress. This quickie hipstamatic doesn't do her justice. Most of the samples are knit or crochet, so you'll have plenty of inspiration. More photos here, photo credits & art direction by Stacey (thanks! I tell you, she is always super talented but whew, talk about multi-tasking the other night). I do believe we launched a couple of new Fussy Cuts  blankets on the spot .

Hope to see you there! There's no charge , though they ask you to call ahead and say you are coming, info on the link to Webs up top.... but if you show up last minute, you'll be welcome anyway. 
(and if you show up early, like me, you'll be yarn & knitting book shopping. Oh, c'mon, its Webs,for crying out loud.  It's almost criminal to leave empty handed, have you seen the back room??!!)
• • • •

* Stacey did an impromptu fashion show of several pieces,  here she is in the Tongue-in-Chic skirt bu Austin artist Virgina Fleck, who works in recycled plastic bags, saving them from the landfill while making mandalas, art and fashion statements.


craftivore said...

Fun! They crafty, active, and happy. I'll be dragging myself to 4 different soccer games this weekend. A soccer mom who knits on the sidelines.

Mary Lou said...

Fun! A few months ago a Yarnery buddy and I were planning a "bring back the housecoat" campaign. I think you did us one better.

Joansie said...

Wish I could be there. Gale, will you be coming to Vermont at all?

Turtle said...

how fun! lol, how is it knitting took over after i moved from the area! lol :)