Tuesday, April 11, 2017

long drive project options

Tomorrow morning we are hopping in the car and pointing it at Illinois, a lonnnng drive, to witness our younger son graduate from Navy boot camp.*  

But that's not what I'm here to blab about,(mostly). I'm here to consider my options. As we all know, the great joy of a 900 mile drive each way is car knitting time.

Do I take all of these? Some? One? And...what podcasts would you be listening to?**

option a) The granny squares!  Seen above, I have 37 of 42 done in a kaleidoscope of  Noro Silk Garden scrap and leftover mixed colors. Five more won't take long to complete.

 I decided on the wonderful farm-y natural Doc Mason's yarn to edge them all, and bring them  back to earth. Above, two test squares-. I tried iton squares with especially bright rounds,  to see if I like the punch + earthy combo. I do! I can edge and weave in ends for miles and miles....

option b) that 2nd brioche cowl. It's hypnotic and rewarding (fast growth and cool looking stitch) ..but if I fuff it up by distraction, could be trouble.

option c) Dave's Zacapa. I love this knit. Pro: I've got most of one sleeve and half the body done. Con:  He will not wear it till next October at best.... Unless my fantasy trip to  Norway happens this summer...which would be...make-believe amazing .

option d) My Half-Hansel just needs to have the edging knit on. Such a dreamy knit. It's a series of triangles with simple lace that repeat, attached to the body of the shawl as they are added. I put it aside when things got chaotic and busy last Fall-- this might be a good stretch of uninterrupted time to get the repetition going.

option e) wait, did I mention my beautiful big bump of  Jill Draper Makes Stuff Empire?  It's for a Farmhouse Cardigan by Amy Christoffers.  Pro:  It would be a perfect long trip knit.  Con:  I  feel guilty jumping into a new knit with these  others unfinished plus.. I haven't wound off any of the yarn yet!!

So what would you bring?

*That's right. These hippy vegetarians have two sons. One a butcher. The other in the military, a new sailor planning to become a Navy medic. I am totally proud of them both and love them to pieces. They are good people.
That's parenthood for ya!

 ** We've got S Town queued up so that's a good chunk of time. I already listend to Missing Richard Simmons (loved it), and I have lots of Fresh Air, WTF and The Moth on tap but I'd love another long form podcast if you know of any great ones.


Beverly said...

You're driving! Take them all!

I want to make the Farmhouse cardi, too!

Arlette said...

I have a bunch of favorite podcasts!

- "Wireless Nights" with Jarvis Cocker (y'know, the singer from Pulp) interviewing people and traveling to places to find out what their lives are like at night

- "You Must Remember This," with deep dives on the culture and history of 20th-century Hollywood (and with a distinct feminist take, to boot). There's a 15-part series on the Hollywood blacklist that's amazing, and a really thorough look at the Manson murders, among other topics.

- 99% Invisible, of course

Martha in Princeton said...

Gayle, don't sew those gorgeous squares together..join them with the invisible join..find the tutorial on Lucy's blog called Attic24

Sheri in UA said...

Love the granny squares! I just finished S-Town - I would highly recommend Accused, Sword and Scale, Snap Judgement podcasts!!
Safe Travels!

Mary Lou said...

Can't believe Gabe is finished already!! Congrats to him. (And you two!) I have been listening to Crimetown about Providence RI. Other not long form, but fun - 99% invisible, Myths and Legends. (not adding my deep dive history nerd girl stuff...)

Oh, knitting. Bring the stuff to finish up. Think how happy Dave will be to drive if you are working on the sweater for him.

Kat said...

Oh, the things we can knit on our way to the far away places! I'd say you can for sure get that Jill Draper yarn wound... I see a new sweater in your future!

Kirsten said...

I vote for 2 (you'll have a whole car why limit yourself to only one?) the granny squares, and the JDMS/Farmhouse. Dying to make one of those myself, so I can live vicariously through you.

As for podcasts, I second the 99% Invisible recommendation, and the Bowery Boys for some fun NYC history (and there are loads of episodes.)

Have a good trip.

Carolyn Jenkins said...

Hope you won't be disappointed but your trip may be somewhat shorter than you think. Great Lakes is on Lake Michigan, so it is northeastern Illinois, as opposed to northwestern Illinois (that would get you the Mississippi River!). Have a great time and be proud of your son.

Sam said...

Take all of them. This way if you got bored you could switch to another project. Upside? Finished projects. Double Upside? Means you can buy more yarn for NEW projects.

cal said...

well i missed this before you actually left, which is probably good because i too would have said ALL of them which is probably not the right answer! my more rational self agrees with Mary Lou and says take all the WIPs. i wonder what you did?

as for podcasts, i assume you listened to the first two Serials? if not, i'd recommend them. i'm listening to S*Town too and finding it fascinating, and now i must load up MRS at once! i don't think i know of any other long-form ones but i'm enjoying this new style of podcast, like old radio shows...

wishing you safe travels!

Kym said...

I'm catching up on blog-reading far too late to offer any helpful suggestions. I hope your trip has been fabulous thus far -- and congratulations to your son! XO