Friday, April 21, 2017

granny squares with doc mason's edge

Four days and a long round trip drive to Chicago later.  It turns out that I only needed to bring this one project along, it held my attention and was a perfect companion.
Over the first seven hours of the trip, when I wasn't driving, I made the last five squares, to bring my total to 42. ThenI ripped out the first three squares and made them more interesting. Followed by having a stern talk with myself to prevent ripping out and re-doing any more.  Somewhere around Ohio, with just one painfully expensive speeding ticket in the glove compartment, and just as we finished the last chapter of S-Town *(recommend!), I grabbed the Doc Mason's yarn and started crocheting the outer edges, through to Indiana and then Illinois.
I seriously love this yarn. It's totally working to bring the squares together tonally. Some are relatively muted, like these two, some have, let's say, more punch than I really would like.
Yarn with that farm-y sheepy glow. Don't you want to huff the lanolin fumes? I'm dreaming a whole sweater of it now. I was lucky to get the last of the 2016 Doc Mason's but keep an eye out, Ellen is poised for  another trip to the mill, you can see the clip ready to roll from the link. 
My favorite sight from the trip was these three together again, if only for a few hours. Two of us drove out to Chicago, two flew. The four of us not in the Navy drove back together. Quality togetherness.

* We were completely absorbed by the S-Town podcast, to the point that Dave doesn't even remember seeing most of Pennsylvania, which  let me tell you, is a long long section of the trip. I found it the best kind of reporting and storytelling, and so brilliantly edited. We failed to latch on to any other podcast after it---but did discover that there's a Pandora station called Road Trippin' that was good for three hours of punchy-tired  singalong to mostly early 70's hits and got us home by 2am on Sunday.


Mary Lou said...

Gabe looks so serious and sailor-y! Glad it was a great trip - can a granny square be too bright?

Kym said...

Congratulations to your Navy man! And granny squares just seem to pull together in a delightful way -- even if they're a bit too bright. Can't wait to see the squares all joined up! (I adore Adore ADORE granny squares.) XO
PS -- I really liked listening to S-Town, too. Very well done -- and super compelling.

AsKatKnits said...

Ohio... notorious for speeding tickets, you might be in good company with that badge of honor! lol

And, I love the squares! Gorgeous!

Ellen Bloom said...

Your grannies look FANTASTIC! Cannot wait to see the entire afghan! Congratulations to Gabe!!

Sam said...

Love the squares. Pennsylvania has to have the most boring highway on the North East!
You have my sympanthy on driving it. Benn there, done that, hated it.

Anonymous said...

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