Monday, November 07, 2016

november post 6: new sweater project and a vocabulary revelation

Jill Draper makes fabulous yarn. I think we can all agree on that. After working on her Rural Renewal collection, and then on assignment for Etsy, I  wanted needed to knit a sweater in one of her yarns.  Coincidentally, Dave made a rare request for a sweater. That''s my knitting stars aligning, because Jill's yarn is special--and Dave will wear a sweater I make him for years and years. Decades of years, even.  So we found a pattern he liked a lot---not a simple task-- and hopped online.

Jill posted that new yarn was up in her shop. Dave fell for Valkill in Prune--a killer good black/purple/brown--y'know, like a prune. But it was gone before we had a chance stick it in a cart.

we like to wind yarn al fresco
So I'll interject here that a son and I were just discussing how often people misuse the word ironic.  Usually, it's actually coincidence--when two unrelated events happen and they are related in your mind. Irony is when an outcome is not what you'd expect.
my #1 yarn winding assistant these days
So when I saw that designer Thea Colman was flaunting her good mail  Jill Draper Makes Stuff Yarn delivery, I squinted into my phone to read the ballband of a familiar looking color... Valkill Prune....damn!  But it's Thea, and if someone had to nab that yarn, at least it's a friend who will do beautiful things with it. Coincidence!

Dave chose this Middlefield in Old Mahogany instead.It's a little heavier than the pattern gauge but I can make it work. I love it.

Wondering what pattern he chose for his new sweater-for-the-ages? Before he'd even looked at the yarn colors?  Zacapa. By Thea Colman. 

That, I'm pretty sure, is irony.


Carole Julius said...

There are so many connections in our fiber world. I'm glad you had a few of them align for this project, it will mean good karma!

steph said...

great post and great vocab reminder!!! and pretty darn great pattern, too....hubby just asked for a sweater and decided he liked the one i just finished for myself which just 'coincidentally' was sized to men's sizes, too. he might have to take a look at this one before i actually cast on. (I hate making the same thing twice in a row! but the ironic thing is, i probably would do it) OK, teach---did I pass? If he picks Thea's pattern....are you aiming for a Christmas done-date? We might have to have a knitalong.

Mary Lou said...

Dave has excellent taste. I'm sure he was guided along the way a bit.

AsKatKnits said...

I love the grammar lesson - because that is one of my pet peeves! Know your words, people! And, I love that yarn and that pattern! Tis the season for casting on all the sweaters!! (And, that is bliss! Pure bliss!!)

Anonymous said...

This is all perfect. And sorry about that Prune - I'll send you a copy of whatever it does become and make sure Jill dyes up more in the same shade!

And you want to know something even better? At Rhinebeck, I procured a batch of Middlefield in a pale, icy lavender from Jill for a design - BUT, she originally sent me Old Mahogany, which was gorgeous but not right for what I had in mind. Zoe may just be holding my original sweater quantity in her hands right there!

And I've been throwing your name out about something I have in mind and need to email you about separately.

Thea xo

We are all so beautifully connected, my dear. Let's take it as a harbinger of tomorrow. Together, we women are all intertwined and stronger because of it. Yes?

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Thea-- YES!!!!
And that is onbviously that yarns' karma- the Old Mahogany is destined to be a Thea sweater no matter where it lands.

Ann said...

I think your intern is adorable just sayin.

And Old Mahogany is really beautiful, Gale. What a delicious thing to get in the mail. Can't wait to see how Dave's sweater turns out. I have knit only one sweater for Hubbo, a tent of a garment, and it was sweetly, gently, tenderly rejected because it had A TOGGLE BUTTON on it. Beware the notions . . .

Kym said...

Definitely irony. :-)
And now . . . I think I've discovered which color to order. (Or, well. Which color to WISH I'd ordered.)

twinsetellen said...

Reading Thea's comment on November 26, my heart breaks just a little more.