Wednesday, November 23, 2016

november post 14: more hats, bulky hats

Knit big or stay home. No, wait---knit big AND stay home! Nominating these for  Craft Friday single day projects, and fab gifts, all from photo shoots for my clients earlier this year.

Coast Redwood Hat . I love everything about this photo--the Tilda Swinton-ish model, the natural  undyed bulky yarns from the Tahki Terra collection,  the styling by Karin Strom (I mean, that acorn necklace? Nailed it) and the  colorless dewy light that we had, thanks to drizzly rain as we were shooting. Of course, the hat, itself. One of my favorite photos from the year.
Silver Fir Hat  from the same shoot, also a contender. It has a matching capelet. (I am not sure I'd call it a capelet but you can see, it is one of those big shoulder covering not-quite-a-poncho-but-way-bigger-than-a-cowl things)  This is the most amazing mash-up of natural wool yarn and high fashion that I've ever shot. My forever gratitude to  Stacy Charles for just letting me do my thing with these.
You can see the rest of the collection here, in the Oh, Natural flipbook. (I also love that cover piece.)

Annnnd....two fabulous super bulky hats from Lar Rains' new book Presto. Excellent gift knitting ahead from Mr. Modern Lopi himself.
Threesome So cushy and lovable that the model requested to pleeeeeeeeeease keep it, and got her wish. (Thanks Lars!). For me, I'll just make that pompom a little chubbier, and then: perfection.
Polar Coordinates , a rare slouchy super bulky hat. As usual, Josephine rocked it. It's got volume, and a lot of warmth.
The whole Presto book is fun, upbeat projects in MadTosh ASAP.  You can see the cover cowl knit by Kay of  MDK here, along with a great review. You could sub in the super bulky yarn of your choosing, no prob.  Fun fact: super bulky doesn't always mean the warmest-- because you knit in a fairly loose gauge to keep things drapey, the air gets in between the stitches. So don't rule out the supersized just because you are in an non- arctic zone. There's something about a big hat that's...cheerful. 

If you're prepping for Thanksgiving today in the US (or elsewhere), have a blast! And take a break to knit a little. It can't hurt, right?


Lee said...

Now look what you made me do! I already own the beautiful Presto and am knitting away on a cowl. Now, I have bought the Quaking Aspen cowl pattern and am in search of the Vermont yarn. Bad influence!

Anne R said...

Really loving the top two photos--and you are right that the model looks very Tilda-ish.

AsKatKnits said...

I love those super bulky hats - so cute! And, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Gale! XO

twinsetellen said...

I remember when you "found" Josephine. And every time I see her, I'm so glad you did.

Unknown said...

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