Wednesday, January 16, 2013

right on time

Not being a perfectionist has its advantages. I don't get fussed if some holiday gifts are delivered late, as long as the promises of the gift arrive on time, and the recipients are OK with it.
196_GaleZuckerST_0113Here's the last hat from the to-finish list. I cast on thinking it'd be a plain beanie for bro-in-law.  But he likes a little something extra. Like a point. In the past, my knits for him included (circa 2006) one-of-a-kind hats like this one, and in 2008,  the LaMar scarf.   The design  has a life of its own it gets downloaded literally every day, still.   There seems to be a lively german following for it.  (Love! this!)191_GaleZuckerST_0113This new hat's warm and bulky, with a vintage button. I think its an upholstery button,  yanked off a sofa way back when, in my button tin via a tag sale button jar find. The hat itself has a ribbed cuff in some leftover Alfa Maskin Vaskbar, a Norwegian wool/mohair bulky yarn last seen here  and the red is Mission Falls wool, held double. 

I prefer to show hats on a human head, and I even got Dave to plop this on his as he shoveled out the night's snowfall, but it seemed wrong to push my luck and ask him to stop and pose, just days after the last post.  I may not be a perfectionist, but at least  I'm nice. Sometimes.


Mary Lou said...

I love it. And I just spotted Lamar in my queue the other day and forgot it was your design. Might be a good gift for me to start for next year!

Manise said...

Love the pairing of the two yarns and I always love me a beautiful red. It looks great doubled to match the Alfa. I have a collection of Mission Falls 1824 wool that was acquired shortly before the yarn was discontinued.

Ellen Bloom said...

The little button on the hat is just the right touch to give it a custom look. GREAT colors, Gale!

Lori ann said...

oh that is a pretty color, so rosy, a beautiful hat. maybe dave would have been secretly flattered?