Friday, January 18, 2013

this, that, the other thing...

January's been a month of catching up,  weaving in the the loose ends from 2012 and making lists of all the new projects and ideas I want to get going on.  It seems like all I do is notice opportunities to make, to try new crafts, or learn new skills. Like this workshop Saturday:
detail for this workshop and one on Monday making recycled scarves, on her website
with Crispina Ffrench, in Pittsfield/Shire City, Massachusetts. Crispina is one of our Craft Activism subjects. You really should check her out- she does all kinds of cool things in her studio with recycled sweaters and Tshirts. An old felted sweater is just raw material to her.  Being at her studio was one of those photo shoots where I spent the whole time jerking my head around in circles, trying to take in all the details, textures, colors and handcrafted beauty. Like her GIGUNDO potholder-style looms, above.

I myself have a Photography for Knitters class coming up at The Village Knitter in Babylon NY, you may know one of the proprietors, Ann of Purling Swine.  The workshop is Saturday Feb 2nd 12:30 to 4:30. . There are only 3-4 seats left, so if you're near "the Island", join us! I know, it is also Ice Cream for Breakfast Day, but that has to happen before noon--see? no conflict.

Lastly,  the finished (refinished) version of Cadence that I've been wearing all the time.  Don't you always have one sweater that becomes the sweatshirt sweater? The default one to wear if you don't need to look especially spiffed? I  last mentioned my Cadence problems in late 2011. I reknit in time for Rhinebeck this year, and threw it on to get a shot on my backdrop - posed dorkily and unflatteringly.
Though I wear it a lot and adore the earthy (and softened with wear) Cascade Eco Wool , I'm going to say that a big wide neckline and bracelet length sleeves (when, um, the shoulders are on my shoulders) are not ideal in our damp drafty New Englandy winter, it's drafty. It does leave room for me to layer on a scarf . Which I guess, for a knitter, that's a good thing.
(and to be fair to the designer, she showed it in heavy cotton. Even more sweatshirty. Loved the pattern though, regardless of drafty neck. Quick and fun knit.)


Anonymous said...

Wow, that giant potholder! I want one of those - maybe even to sleep on or under!

Mary Lou said...

Oh, potholder rug! I want to make you! If only I live closer.

Cathy R said...

Oh, my goodness. I am seriously craving one of those giant potholder looms.

What a great idea!!

Jan (jcoop on ravelry&twitter) said...

I love the rug too, but I'm logging on to say I agree with your observations about what the designers are calling "boat neck" sweaters. Not good for northern Ohio either! What is with people using them so much in patterns the past couple of years? I'm also not so sure they're good for those of us of a, hmm, certain age. Oh well. I gather from looking at several patterns on ravelry that they are fixable for those of us who dislike wind whistling down our necks but still like knitting yokes.

As always I so <3 your choice of colors. Hope your new year is very very happy!

Lori ann said...

i would LOVE to be there for ice cream for breakfast! congratulations on making a beautiful sweater, i think you left off a few arrows though. ones to point out your lovely lacy neckline and the perfect fit throughout the body and how great it looks on you. i hope it's keeping you cozy and warm this winter!

twinsetellen said...

What you need with Cadence is a nice big cowl. I wonder where you could get one of those?