Wednesday, November 18, 2009

mid month review

Ahem. I called this meeting to review the status of monthlong goals and objectives. Referring to post 349 dated Nov 2 . Entitled "commitments with issues":
yarn and knitting projects
1. NaKniSweMo First let me say I heard Shannon Okey speak last Friday night and she smoothly spews out NaKnitSweMo as a noun, no pausing or giving it verbal quotation marks. Because she is just. that. cool. As far as my personal progress? I cast on this manly cabled sweater for Dave, got a good manly cabled start, and then found I had less manly cable knitting time than I thought. No way it will be done by month's end. Fail. But win for me because I love this kind of knitting and the Ultra Alpaca from my new LYS, Knit NewHaven , is heavenly to handle.
yarn and knitting projects
Win for Dave, who hasn't had a new handknit sweater in ages. Also win for me, I am tired of looking at this last one, which appeared recently for its 15th season. You'll note it is also manly cabled. What can I say? The guy knows what he likes.

2. NaPoBloMo The truly alert amongst you may have noticed this commitment was dated November 2nd which means..yup,technically a fail before I began. Cool. No pressure. So I missed another day in there too? Big deal. It's the 18th today. I'm declaring this one a cautiously optimistic win.

3. Vestvember Beyond fail. A non-start. I kept it real with my other projects....
4. ...such as the Red Scarf Project which I wouldn't dream of missing. I'm finishing this one I began last year. The brightness , randomness of striping and simplicity of stitch are a fine counterpoint to the manly cabled knitting . Although it may not be ideal (nongender), I feel pretty sure it'll find it's way to the right college student through the OFA.
yarn and knitting projects
5...and some holiday gift knitting. It's Malabrigo and it feels so fine I decided to wind the ball by hand last night, so I could touch all 215 or so yards. .
yarn and knitting projects
The color is Pearl. Mushroomish, purplish, slightly blackish shade with undeniable pearlescence. For a requested grey accessory. I think this'll work.

6. No more procrastinating on some long term cleaning/sorting/organizing. Hmmmmm. I read an essay I found helpful. So. I'm going to choose to go make a list of tasks, and it'll be imperfect. And then I'm heading off to the gym.

Meeting adjourned.
(This was written earlier, and I did make it to the gym after the list. The items on the list, well, see imperfection, above)


Unknown said...

mm... I like the purple mushrrom color... it looks so warm and inviting. Good luck getting your list done... I recommend using to help keep a running list going...

Carole Knits said...

I'm just happy you are blogging more often. That Malabrigo looks amazing!

lisa said...

It's good to read that I'm not the only one with lots on "the list" with very similar results...the Malabrigo looks yummy, and the other knits look very warm on these cold mornings.

Mary Lou said...

Seriously, i opened that article and left it open so I could read it later.

Trinity said...

I'm glad you are posted daily. It is fun to see little bits of your world on a daily basis.

Vicki Knitorious said...

I'll get to that article about procrastination... um, in a minute. Wanted to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color of that Malabrigo -- and your yummy mushroomy purple description! Delish!

Cathy R said...

They all look like wonderful yarns and fun projects!! Have fun with them.

I even remembered that Red Scarf from last year - it was what introduced me to the project... I'm glad to see it resurface. I love the bright colors in it.

Norma said...

That's gonna be another one of your beautimous Red Scarves, and that mushroomy-purple stuff looks wonderful -- as does the blue. I wish I could convince myself to get to the gym.... maybe today. Maybe tomorrow. I've lost the gym love lately -- some of it is fear of viruses.