Wednesday, November 25, 2009

all in a day, bullet version

written earlier, just getting around to posting now. what, you think you can just stick food over the fire and leave it to go online????
most of the cooking is tomorrow, it's the readying that gets me
• finishing striped red scarf , show & tell another day. very cheery. for the OFA Red Scarf Project, of course.

• scheming up way to squeeze in a swing through Knit New Haven to get more red yarn, here's why

• not accepting there are a finite number of hours to this day

wondering how on earth a supermarket could not stock enough fresh cranberries this week?

• delegating cranberry scavenge to Dave

• looking forward to baking 5 pies. Love making pies.

• am also fine, happy even, with making cranberry sauce, veggie side dishes , mashed poatoes, grilled fish, corn souffle casserole, salad, appetizers but why of why did I agree to do the 100 long skinny breadsticks . again?

sister Lulu does the turkey, stuffing & gravy. (in case you wondered.)

everyone else travels to get here, we do the food. (see wondering, above)

altho sister Marla was just in Italy and is bringing us a new apertivo . Aperol Spritzers for happy hour ! will report.

• wondering what the correct answer is to the 6:30 am question "what exactly is a cornucopia made of? not the contents but the outer thing?"

• but glad my 16 yo sits down, eats breakfast &
grunts talks a little each a.m. (just found the answer, never knew it was that old)

• wishing someone would invent a self cleaning house

• offering mine as a beta site when they do

• thankful, truly, that these are my problems


livnletlrn said...

Yeah, man, I just finished vacuuming upstairs. Blech that there's another whole set of rooms downstairs with just as much dog fur and dust balls. Kids are tidying/dusting downstairs. Scott's working on the kitchen.

But there's knitting with friends in tonight's plan, fresh cranberries in the fridge (among other things), a a red palindrome scarf cast on for OFA, and fresh air at Old Sturbridge Village among tomorrow's fun. Life is good. Hectic, but good!

Ellen Bloom said...

Phew! I'm tired just reading your "to do" list!
There was an article in the L.A. Times Food Section today about cornucopias, SoCal style....this would work for the East too. Check it don't need a horn o' plenty...any old basket or dish will do!,0,4947564.story

Have a great feast!

Natalie said...

100 bread hubby passed by and read that part. He says that is a lot of work.

Enjoy your day tomorrow.


Mary Lou said...

OK, i didn't feel sorry for you till the 100 breadsticks. Are you nuts? I am hosting for the first time in years, and a friend is doing the turkey because he says "then you'll have room for more pies" Nice to know my pies are loved. And I way rather do pie than turkey. And I'm feeling smug because I bought cranberries last week.

toni in florida said...

Yikes, your to-do list almost makes me glad I'm working today! I have only to make mashed potatoes for 20 people before I go to sleep (I work nights), so I can take them to work tonight and enjoy the buffet we'll have there. ("There" is our county's 9-1-1 dispatch center.)

Hope you have a terrific holiday and that you don't need to call someone like me for any reason at all. Ever. For everyone's sake.

twinsetellen said...

Ditto on the thankfulness about having to do chores to welcome family. My stint comes in December when the clan descends for a week or more; today I get to bake pies and take them to someone else's house. And I'm thankful for that, too!

Cathy R said...

My new favorite phrase:

Self Cleaning House

Hope your day was fabulous and all the food yummy.

AudKnits said...

I love the part about cooking over the fire! And all those dishes, plus the crazy amount of breadsticks? Well, it makes me glad I was doing the travelling and not the cooking. Hope it all turned out great!