Tuesday, November 03, 2009

1st tuesday in november

Is it weird that this is what I consider an all-american image? I heart diners.

My day as an Election Official got off to a whomping headstart. As bad as the 5 am call time at the polls was, the as-yet-unexplained way that I read the clock wrong and was ready at 4 am, fully dressed and out the door was even worse.

No matter. There's something about being hands-on so close to the nuts & bolts of democracy, and the nuts & dolts of my community, that I have to love it.


livnletlrn said...

nuts and dolts...heh heh

Mandy said...

Ugh, waking up that early by accident should not be allowed. I wrote a short paper on the landscape of diners when I was in college (think: clocks, napkin holders, booths, etc, etc). Love them too!

Diane said...

Working an election is fun in a weird sort of way isn't it? I did it last spring and was called for yesterday but had to work. It was such a quiet election I believe I knit a whole sock that day.

The diner photo is amazing.

Mary Lou said...

I read nuts and dolts twice before it clicked. Yep. I got a fax from a well known nut yesterday where she even wrote on it that it was influenced by the full moon. (She is always suing the county. This time under RICo)

Diners are great. Was that photo at 4am?

woolanthropy said...

Oh the light in the photo makes me swoon.

4am...you are a trooper. I would have crawled back in bed.

Ellen Bloom said...

Diners are soooo comforting...let alone that the food is yummy too.
Excellent photo...who's the dolt? 4 AM? Huh!? Crazy Lady!