Saturday, September 13, 2008


Here for the knitblog? Read on . Will try to resume my more regular posts, as sort of promised.
Until my professional website host and google are back on speaking terms, I'll have that up top.

How about some knitting? 0908GZucker_famvar0197
Noho Boho Hat from Shear Spirit, that's linking an earlier I knit, followed by the Ravelry link. I love this hat: it's a quick knit, a stashbuster, a people pleaser, a color mixer. Plus it'll keep your bean warm.
yarn: Araucania Nature Wool Chunky
needles: size 7 us
notes: this yarn claims it's chunky but must have poor body image, I'd say heavy worsted. Just check your gauge on this pattern, whatever yarn you choose. About the colors: I am still deeply enamoured of barn red and minty green,GZucker061408_141 like this (again), or pale blue and true red. Or turquoise and red, any combo like that. The Araucania light blueish green and coral red totally suit my mood.0908GZucker_famvar0215
For the In Sheep's Clothing exhibit nice review here, the LYS (across the street from the gallery, you can't get much more L than that) and I put together kits for the Noho Boho , for sale at the gallery during the exhibit and especially at the knit night this Wednesday. (please come!)
We thought it'd be a swell thing to do, kits priced at $9.
Although there was a point where all the other stouthearted kit assembling souls disappeared and I found myself alone in a closed yarn store winding many skeins of yarn, trying to pair colors and weigh balls, and it just felt a little crazy. Good crazy, though, in that-how did I get myself into this?- way.

Maybe that's the theme for this whole month.
More on that. Soon.


Mary Lou said...

Locked overnight in a yarn shop? That sounds like fun. And those kits are priced right. Sometimes I've seen kits made of small amounts of yarn that seem to be more expensive than buying the yarn straight out. Hope you sell lots of art and kits.

Cathy R said...

Oh, my. I am now laughing so hard that I can't stop coughing (am recovering from a cold, you see).

Yarn with poor body image???


And I agree that being locked in a yarn store overnight sounds like a very good thing...

Sunflowerfairy said...

I'm trying so hard to arrange babysitting for The Boy that night. It doesn't look like that will happen. I'm also trying to (eek!) finish the Low Tide before then. Damn school work is getting in the way.

How'd your boy do with the hurry-cane?

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