Monday, September 15, 2008

reluctantly noted


and if you're here for the blog, read on, apologies again for that line up top, professional site and google still giving each other the cold shoulder. Vaguely knit related content follows.
Everyone has their end of summer rituals: closing the cabin , shopping for back to school clothes, cooking huge pots of tomato sauce with basil. Being a swimmer, I hate to see the warm weather fade. September is glorious but wistful as the water cools and days get shorter. Around here we draw out the summer ending ritual as long as possible.

First there's our festival all Labor Day weekend. I was a judge at the sand castle contest this year. oh, the power.

Then there's my summer knitting ritual, of finishing up a pair of socks that I work on a few lines at at a time on the beach. Sandy, slow ,and sociable knitting. My own little private Summer of Sock(s).
I thought I'd be slipping them into the FO files last week while riding home , knitting merrily, from a shoot in Lancaster PA. A short time after this, um , nutritious dinner stop0908GZucker_famvar0174
I got the yarn into a tangle and stubbornly worked on the knots for 175 miles or so. Unsuccessfully. The the next morning I cut and reattached, leaving me 3" short of a finished foot due to lost primo knitting time in the passenger seat. Note to self: stop being so damn stubborn.

Tonight though, finished sock or not, marks the real end-of-summer ritual . It's the annual Last Full Moon of Summer Neighborhood Ladies Skinny Dip , referred to locally as The Swim. I've got champagne (required) , my candles (optional but a nice touch, we float them), there should be about 60 of us. The teenage boys of the neighborhood cringe in horror at the thought of us out there, and complain of the noise. Revenge? sweeet.

Only , what?, 10 months to go till it's summer again...


pacalaga said...

I am LMAO at the idea of the teenage boys and their cringing. TOOO FUNNY.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great ritual. I'm getting to the age where I'm about to do anything I please, too!

Sunflowerfairy said...

GAIL!! Where's my invite??

Mary Lou said...

Next september, I'm there. We had a knitters weekend at a y camp a few years ago with skinny dipping after the sauna. We thought of inviting some teenage boys who were on the far side of the camp to get a glimpse of what real look like. Nah, it would have been too traumatic!

twinsetellen said...

Perfect end of summer. I hope it was great.