Monday, September 22, 2008

in which i state the obvious

0908GZUCKERara_  0542
Found in a boiler room building while photographing a job in Lancaster PA last week. How perfect. Shouldn't everyone have a button like this?

• I am an utter failure at blogging everyday. I'll keep trying, but wow, hats off to those who can.

• I've missed two Think Red Wednesdays but that doesn't mean the Red Scarf Project deadline is not on my horizon (October 31).0908GZucker_famvar0239
My scarf is about half finished-- or if you're a pessimist, half-NOT. More on that below. It's a wonderful gift to send these handknits to college kids who come from the foster care system and receive no care packages from "home". Even more, it draws attention to the need for advocacy and policy for these young people. More info here.

• Being very close to finished on everything makes one feel like nothing is getting done. Socks- coupla inches to go. Montana Tunic- just the last edge ribbing and some sewing down of collar to go. Red Scarf, as I said , halfway there. But halfway on one of these sideways knit no-brainers is a snap away from FO.

• Going to a knit group is always a kick. Last Wednesday we had knitting at the gallery at our In Sheeps Clothing exhibit, a mix of friends, neighbors, art lovers and SnB . So wonderful! The following night, needing to kill a half hour between runs to the high school and feeling put upon, I ducked into a coffee shop on the green that I rarely stop at, to find the newly formed local knitting group at the front table. Can you say serendipity? I just happened to have my knitting with me. Mwah to the Shoreline Stitch & Bitch .Stop by if you're around the area.

0908GZUCKERara_  0541
This was in the boiler room too, don't you love pink power fuse boxes. I complimented the super macho dude in charge of the big furnaces why he had such lovely colored controls and he got a little flustered. Adorable.


twinsetellen said...

You say you state the obvious, but you don't answer the obvious - what photo shoot took you into a boiler room?!

Carole Knits said...

Your red scarf is going to be fabulous!

Mary Lou said...

Great button indeed. But what was going on in the boiler room? Secret knitting?

Cathy R said...

LOVE your red scarf!! All of the textures and colors are beautiful.

I've still not photographed mine and mailed it off. (hopefully I will remember to do those two tasks IN THAT ORDER!!). I did get a nice gift card to Barnes and Noble (to attach to the scarf), so that is a step in the right direction.

Biznatter said...

I'm from Lancaster and would love to know where you found pink fuse boxes.

Baby Beth said...

I didn't knit a scarf for the Red Scarf Project but if I get a gift card or something, would you mail it with yours? :D

kt said...

I want the button and sign below it. Please return to Lancaster and prise them off the wall and forward to me post haste. Thank you.