Wednesday, July 23, 2008

think red Wednesday v1

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There are so many shades of red. Enough to post one each week for inspiration.

Wednesdays are a good day to work on a red scarf for this year's collection, due by mid-October. If you don't have the time or the mojo, Wednesdays are a fine day to hit the donation button over at the Red Scarf Fund for Foster Youth. That link takes you to the blog with all the scarf and fund specifics, and some behind-the-scenes look at the kids it benefits.

The fund is the brainchild of the very wonderful Norma ,who has many physical charms as well as being talented and caring and generous. She's supported this project by the Orphan Foundation of America since the beginning, and with her help, drove it from 3500 scarves to over 15,000.

So. Here's my take on it: from now till October, work on a scarf on Wednesdays. Maybe knit a few lines a week if you find scarves mind-numbing. Or hit the donation button. Or skip the overpriced takeout coffee beverage for the day and save that money in a jar, in a few weeks you'll have some nice change to send in.

Or just help spread the word about kids who have aged out of foster care and head to college without support.
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ps up top are a plate of tiny heirloom tomatoes served at a meal last weekend. I despise fresh tomatoes in my mouth , but are they not gorgeous to behold?
(Please fresh tomato lovers, do not flame me. Just cook the damn things, or sun dry them, and I'll eat'em.)


Cookie said...

Thank you for the reminder. I always forget that it's Red Scarf Season.

I'm with you on the tomatoes. I'll grow them, pick them, wash them and serve them, but unless they've been cooked, I will not eat them. Ick.


PICAdrienne said...

I don't eat tomatoes unless they have been smashed thoroughly, think ketchup, sauce and paste. Have to admit, I am pleased my kids are tomato eaters, means I didn't pass along that pickiness.

candi said...

You don't have to like them raw. That just leaves more for me. I love tomatoes fresh from the garden. And I'll get right to work on this year's red scarf. Thanks for the reminder.

Turtle said...

i am just so still giggling reading your comment! up till my existence my hubby had never eaten a raw tomato. I made him a blt and he was in love, lol! i on the otherhand love love love tomatoes, raw, cooked etc!! so i had first looked at the photo and thought yum, then read your blog, lol, smile!

Gotta Knit! said...

Thank you for the reminder.

Those tomatoes would be wonderful roasted in the oven or on the grill.

Carole Knits said...

Great idea to devote a day a week to the project. I'm thinking $$ this year instead of a scarf.

sydney said...

No flaming here. I love cooked tomatoes but I hate fresh tomatoes. I've tried to like fresh tomatoes but it never worked. Good ides for red scarf Wednesdays.

elizabeth a airhart said...

i shall knit and try not to wait
till october 20th

one plays ping pong
with the little tomatoes
or badminton whilst waiting
for the grill to get hot

Norma said...

I love tomatoes every way
I'll eat them eat them every day
I will eat them here and there
I'll eat them clothed and bare
I will eat them, eat them cooked or raw
Even if I broke my jaw
The only way I cannot be seen
Is to eat them when they're green.