Sunday, July 27, 2008

the lost & found dept

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I was gifted with this wonderful skein, it's Sock Hop from Dancing Leaf Farm . Not to be confused with the other Sock Hop, which I hear is also quite nice. Funny, I thought one of them would have bunny hair in 'em, am I just too literal?0708GZUCKERfv_  1047
Anyway, my Sock Hop colorway has no name but it should be called Beach Chair. I was heading down the street to do me some beach knitting but couldn't locate my size1 US needles. I found three circualr and one set of dpn US2's. damn. I decided the missing needle must be in a knitting tote from when I finished these.

Rooting around, I found a special button I'd misplaced

catbutton ---but then the button tin wasn't where it should have been. I found a little ziplock with the remaining yarns from 2 other sock pairs on top of a filing cabinet in my office. No needles. The button tin then showed up balanced on an old scanner...but I noticed a missing started project I wanted to reassess, last seen hanging around my office.

Added that to the search list, rooting through the bags in the
ad hoc store everything area, this house has no freakin' closets guest room, and the overflowing Official Knitting Stuff bookcase further upstairs. This went on for over an hour.

I bagged the whole beach idea and decided to vacuum, I'd noticed all the dog fluff and sand I'd been ignoring. Bright side, dumping out so many knitting totes reminded me I have red yarn I can use for this year's
Red Scarf project, and that I was soooo close to finishing the Montana Tunic (or ravelry link) I might just as well get on with it. Tomorrow, to a yarn shop for new size 1's. Unless they turn up -- or I misplace the skein of yarn.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous sock yarn!

Mary Lou said...

So do you think this type of behavior, which is recognize, is related to basic disorganization, too much to do in too little time or just plain old age? I really laughed...

Tamara said...

Do you think maybe dpn's disappear like they do since they do get used to make socks and socks (hopefully only the store-bought variety) sometimes disappear--only one of the pair of course? If you find a size 5 dpn while you're looking for your size 1, let me know, we can't find it anywhere! lol

Earin Marybird said...

Goodness, we have the same filing system! My most favorite "finding of a lost object" was back in 1989 when I lived 5 miles from the epicenter of the Loma Prieta earthquake. I had been hunting for the disk with my resume with no luck. After my house was turned upside down by the earthquake there it was...the only thing left on my dining room table. (I had rolled into the closet - don't ask.) I do love that sock yarn. Like a garden full of flowers.