Sunday, July 06, 2008

3 from the 5th

I fixed the links from yesterday's hasty post,and added one more, this posting every day is harder than I thought

Inspired by Norma's post, which I accidentally read as "185 things I did on the 4th".
Geez, I thought, will that woman take a rest?!!

Here're 182 less:
0708GZUCKERfv_  0047
- enjoyed knitting the Couvercle, shown here cast on the night before. The operative word here: ENJOYED. Consider that I don't love knitting cotton, the seed/moss stitch is my least favorite combo of k's & p's and I am not sure why I chose pink because I love the hat but will never wear it in this hue.
Yet I am having a great time with it. It was the perfect almost mindless knit for an evening quaffing homemade sangria on the porch, waiting for fireworks, with this view.
0708GZUCKERfv_  0034

2. sat by the waves and read a good book

3. sadly returned my beach bike, one of those flat land, no speed, pedal backwards to brake cruisers. I rent it every time I'm there, with a big old fashioned basket in the front for running errands. Sadly because returning the bike is always my last act before heading back here to the real world

Which is where you'll find me today, tackling preparations for a hectic week ahead.

Not to mention bellying up to the challenge of crocheting the edges and brim on the Couvercle . How do you pronounce it , anyway? coo-vehr-kill? cou-vay-clay? coo-vehr-clay? This is worse than clapotis for those of us in Layz Etaz Oooni.


kathy in juneau said...

It seems I can barely post once a month, but I'm so happy to find a new post from you every day!

Really enjoyed the podcast! It was great fun to listen to you!!

Norma said...

Well, WELCOME to the land of posting every day. You caught me OFF GUARD, woman! All-a-sudden there are four posts lit up next to your name in Bloglines? What shift in the universe is afoot, I ask myself. Then you answered it. Heh. Have fun for your birthday. :)

the Lady said...

coo-vehr-clay seems about right. what a wonderful view! happy un-fourth!

Mary Lou said...

Oh I do miss being able to get to the shore! It's coo-ver-cle with and emphasis on the 'ver' and the 'cle' barely there at the end. I do speak French, but the phonetics, not so much.

Kelly said...

Yup, coo-VER-cluh. Forever in my brain after studying a thoroughly depressing Baudelaire poem in 10th grade which describes a sky as oppressive as a pot lid:

Quand la cielle base et lourde pese comme une couvercle...

Your hat is far cheerier. :) And the beach looks gorgeous.

Gotta Knit! said...

Ah, I was at the beach too. Loved being able to bike everywhere including to the beach at the state park. Very sad to leave the bike behind.