Saturday, July 05, 2008

blabfest link

So, a few weeks ago I had a chat with Kelley Petkun from KnitPicks. And here's what happened:
episode 55 on her podcast (!).
I kind of forgot it was supposed to be an interview, can you tell? I had a great time and Kelley, I think , got miniature sheep & some tattoos.
A gratuitous babydoll lamb image here. You can't tell me that little one is not smiling.

Warning: that link offers a breeding pair of miniature sheep at a very reasonable price. Proceed at your own risk. You can't get cute lawn mowers at the big box stores, you know.


cosymakes said...

the interview was GREAT!!

Kelley said...

Hi Gale!!

You were wonderful in our chat!!! And, I was contacted by a lady who sells Baby Doll Southdown fleece. Perfectly timed for my new love of drop spindling. I am having her send me some fiber!!!