Sunday, July 13, 2008

things i like about miami

(no knitting today, maybe tomorrow.....)
You learn all kinds of things because of being a parent. There's patience (ahem, still workin' on it), flexibility, the ability to love deeply yet want to throttle. There's other stuff. From my older son, I've an encyclopedic knowledge of animals and their environments. Go ahead, quiz me on tapirs, komodo dragons or frigates. I know sea chanteys (a phase that passed, yo ho) and I listen to hiphop (and reggae, but he learned that from us).
There's more but to get to the point, last week I learned I really really like Miami and south Florida. It's not going to be so bad having a college kid to visit there.
Green and juicy all year round, coconuts growing right in your motel room balcony, the crazy color palette , vernacular architecture, the beach.
And in September, on more thing I really really like will be there, too.
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Ok, I'd better go, getting a little teary. This is like that kindergarten bus feeling all over again.


Cookie said...

You are not losing a son. You are gaining a bathroom. ;^)


Carole Knits said...

Visiting will be great, though. And that kindergarten bus thing -- oy!

craftivore said...

He looks a little big for kindergarten.

You make want to go to Miami, I've never felt like I wanted to before.

Anonymous said...


xo Kay