Thursday, July 31, 2008

what i learned from my lace ribbbon

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  • I am no longer lace impaired. Bring it on!
  • Blocking lace on a white towel is good for the spirit. And for the photo.
  • Judy's dye artistry? Wonderful. I wish I could offer touch-a-vision and a better capture of the subtle colors. Earlier this summer I had some daylilies that matched exactly. When I'm hungry, I think the colorway might be lox.
(And wow, isn't the photo on that wiki page revolting? There, this is better)

I do not have the patience to make a decent self portrait of it on me. I'm no Cindy Sherman.
pattern: Lace Ribbon by Veronik Avery
yarn: Tashi yarn from Ball & Skein - a wool/silk/bamboo blend. Dreamy & drapey.
2 full skeins= 390 yards. This is less yardage than the pattern called for , my scarf is 8" wide x 74ish" long , so no problem. And I could have , maybe should have, blocked it open more vigorously.
needles: size3US
notes: my stockinette "ribbons" look wider in relationship to the open strands across on the pattern, so do most of the 1633 (!) Lace Ribbon scarves on ravelry. But they are all so pretty, who cares. The sample must have been knit at a tighter gauge. I didn't check mine. Yeeah, I know, but it's a scarf for crying out loud!
final thought: I'd like to knit something else with this stitch pattern, maybe in a heavier yarn. Maybe a shawl. Maybe on a sweater. Let me know if you see one on the internets.


jennsquared said...

That is gorgeous!!! Love it.

Did you get my email?

brendaiscrafty said...

I love it. I especially like the color of the yarn. It's gorgeous.

Carole Knits said...

I agree that Judy does fabulous dye work. You do some pretty good photography, too. Oh and knitting lace now as well! Wow!

Mary Lou said...

Yeah, but if you were Cindy Sherman, you could use your mother for the coffee table. (or am I confusing her with someone else) nice scarf

Norma said...

Whoa, gorgeous!!! I love it, love the color, love the drape. Really, size 3s? Are you a loose knitter? I'm so tight, it'd probably take a size 6 to look like that.

Diane T said...

Love the color on your lace ribbon and I think the narrower width looks great. I've had this in my queue for weeks, guess I should go stash diving this weekend.

Cookie said...

It's beautiful, Gale! Well done!

Jeanne said...


Tamara said...

Your lace ribbon turned out lovely! Maybe that will motivate me to finish mine after the Ravelympics!