Sunday, August 03, 2008


0808GZUCKERfv_  0002It's a month since my yeahwhynot try to post daily declaration. Didn't quite pull it off but I definitely blogged more than I have in any other month. I'm looking at it like the yoga teacher says- do it with the intention of getting where you want to be.

This weekend's preoccupation? A spur of the moment tag sale. The lawn mower that didn't work, the wheel barrow with a flat that was always too heavy for me, that kind of thing. I had a moment, fleeting, when I almost put out a basket of this yarn. Then I got a grip, went for Stuff That's Clogging the Cabinets. When you only have the night before to throw a tag sale together, it's triage time.0808GZUCKERfv_  0004 A whole big cabinet worth of kiddy craft supplies, emptied! It really is time to let go of the rounded scissors when you're driving your son to college at the end of the month, right?

I was getting all misty eyed about the hours and hours of clay and glue, painting and drawing and making we used to do, how it was so much a part of life around here. Then I realized, one son is heading to culinary school for college and the other was busy at a forge0808GZUCKERfv_  0006blacsmithcomp doing this all weekend.
I guess they're taking it in their own direction. OK.

0808GZUCKERfv_  0012


Cookie said...

I love the duck!

You gave them the gift of creating and they ran with it. You should be very proud.

Karen S said...

Maybe a little heaftier than fine needle work, but crafing and loving it none the less!
I agree with cookie, I'm sure the creativity was bred into them from the beginning ;)

the Lady said...

How wonderful that they've got their own brand of creativity they were able to develop with you.

Mary Lou said...

I love it - you have inspired them. I bought a rubber snake at a toy sale yesterday. Some kids from the 'hood with all the stuff they didn't want in a wagon, neatly priced with masking tape. I figure a rubber snake will always come in handy.

Baby Beth said...

Your boys are going to do great things...LOVE those hearts!!

Marsha said...

Look at it this way.....think of all the possibilities that the 'coloring and glueing' was their first spark of creativity!

Kay said...

The foto with the sparks flying is amazing.

I think they got it.

kt said...


Every photo a gem. You have such a great eye.

And I sing with the choir above, those boy-os came by their art honestly. You done good.

(and I lurve the hearts, as well!)

Sunflowerfairy said...

Did the craft stuff sell? I've been looking for crafts for Jack and I to do. He's bored with crayons and I keep forgetting to buy new crafty stuff for him.

Love the hearts. :)