Saturday, August 09, 2008

set up

My plans for the weekend are pretty much set, now that the drive down to Delaware last night is over. Bad traffic and hail storm softened by the purchase of a jack to plug iPods into the car speaker. We sang the whole way . (mom! you are still out of tune, stop, please, stop)
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Anonymous said...

I love how this yarn is knitting up! These socks are going to be so awesome. What is the yarn you are using if you don't mind my asking?

Cookie said...

They should be thankful mom knows songs that y'all can sing to.

Did you tell them about car trips when you were a kid? No iPods. No Starbucks... forget drive-thru Starbucks. No GPS. You had to hope the people in the front seat knew where they were taking you.

Kids today...


Norma said...

Gorgeous photos!!! So peaceful.

Rebecca said...

yes, need to know the fiber. . .want it, NOW!