Wednesday, August 20, 2008

thinkred wednesday v5

In which I squeak under the wire to remind the dubblya dubblya dubblya to keep the Red Scarf Project and kids who have aged out of foster care but are heading off to college in your thoughts.
Norma just posted a fab red scarf on her blog and damn if I'm not going to make one in that same pattern. Absoloodle. (a character in a book I just finished reading says that all the time and it's stuck firmly in my brain).
Plenty of red in this exhibit. Nice segue. Clumsy yet direct . Come swill wine with us at the Sept 7th opening or knit along on the evening of Sept 17th. Knitting at the art gallery- not bad, eh? Details below, I'll find some more legible way of posting them soon,I promise. Meanwhile, save the dates.



Carole Knits said...

An art gallery now? Well la-di-da. :-)

Cat With Cats said...

The art exhibit sounds wonderful.

And, my red scarf is about one third done. Kind of a "red and blue" scarf, but I am assured by both male and female college students that it is 'unisex'.

To fringe or not to fringe is always the question...