Wednesday, August 27, 2008

think red wednesday v 6

The You Can't Make This Stuff Up edition:
from Freecycle listings here yesterday
"Lucy" the Rooster
Well, he's pretty useless. Can't lay eggs, too small to eat (he's a
bantam- small breed), has a cross beak so he can't be bred and he
prefers to be hand fed, starts crowing around 7:30 am- you get the idea.
But- he's pretty much the tamest thing ever, comes when you call him,
can be carried around by small children for hours, and will perch on
your shoulder for a pretty good imitation of a pirate's parrot.

If you decide you want him you need to have reasonable facilities to
house him, enough space that the neighbors won't hear him, maybe some
hens for him to hang out with, and the ability to drive away fast from 3
sobbing children who will miss him very much.
Serious inquiries only please.
roostThis isn't Lucy but i can't post without a picture.
I laughed till I turned red over that one.

Awkward segue: how's your Red Scarf project coming along? Mine's foundering. But I'll get there by the October deadline. My thoughts have never been so focused on just what it takes to get a kid to college, physically, bureaucratically and emotionally-since I'm smack in the middle of that this week. The little details is what gets you- who's doing that for foster kids? I'm thinking the scarf with a couple of gift cards, to Staples or Target, might be just the thing for my donation this year.


the Lady said...

Oh, Staples - perfect idea! That rooster post is very funny, a little sad though. Poor kiddies:-)

twinsetellen said...

It is quite emotional getting ready to fledge one's offspring. Almost as emotional as getting ready to have one move back in after graduating. ;-)

Norma said...

Perfect ideas. I'm going to stop in and get gift cards, too, and send off my scarf next week. I'm so glad it's done -- such a feeling of accomplishment.

Love that rooster post. And sending you a hug about the fledgling.

PICAdrienne said...

I am at 39 inches on my scarf. I have been knitting on it while keeping stats at my daughter's volleyball tryouts. Several people have asked about the scarf and I have told them about it, and that they can make donations via the website. Hopefully at least one does.

Mary Lou said...

Good reminder on the gift cards. Especially since i haven't started my scarf yet!

zippiknits said...

Oh goodie! They are accepting them again! Thanks for the link to the project.

Love your blog, so interesting..

candi said...

Gift cards! Excellent idea. Mine have been out of school for a while, but I remember. Have one scarf finished and one half-way.

Tish said...

I like to include a gift card to a bookstore too since I remember hoarding my spare dollars to get a paperback to read between study/class/part-time job (I usually got sci-fi, fantasy, trashy novel since the U library didn't have that stuff). A $10 card is just enough for a paperback and a hot drink or snack from the cafe. (And I usually get extras for my own college kids' goody boxes.) Must dig thru stash for red(ish) yarns.