Tuesday, July 22, 2008

summertiiiime, & the spinning is eaaaaaasy

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If you want to learn to spin, and you have the good fortune to be in the Washington DC/northern VA area, make sure you meet Caroline from Uniquities in Vienna VA.0708GZUCKERfv_  09720708GZUCKERfv_  0991
She organized this event , on Saturday. I was invited to speak, and agreed, while on a fiber-induced high at MD Sheep & Wool.

Anyhoo, as you might expect, by the time I was roadtripping sitting in hideously slow I95 traffic enroute south on Friday, I was wondering why I'd said yes, and if anyone would haul a wheel and a pile of woolly fleece in the blazing heat to rejoice in warm fuzzy animals as the pavement melted outside.
I shouldn't have wondered. What a gathering. There were new spinners, mother & daughter spinners, fingering weight wizards, piles of fleece that Caroline had arranged from Dancing Leaf Farm, the LFF-local fiber farm. And lunch. I did my best to blab their ears off during the meal but I think they all survived it OK. In fact, they were every bit as enthusiastic about alpacas and Icelandics and Churro as I am when you wind me up and point me at knitters.
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Caroline has that magic touch when teaching others craft. Everyone had technique down by mid afternoon as the bobbins were filling. It is really not fair to wave beautiful handspun under the nose of one who is not a spinner. Repeat. Not. A. Spinnn..oooh pretty...


Mary Lou said...

Lots of good food and handspun, too. Sounds good. Someday, I will spin, someday, but I keep putting it out of my mind. I just don't have the time or space at the moment.

Kay said...

If those are your feet on the treadle, please share details on fab turquoise/aqua sandals.

Thank you for your assistance.


PS Please don't start spinning; I cannot take the peer pressure.

Anonymous said...

The shoes are Mephisto "Hadassa" in Middle Blue, Sandalbuck. Mehphisto also carries a "Helen" same style, some leather and some sandalbuck in different colors. The difference is in the Hadassa the foot bed is the same color of the shoes and the buckle is fancier. Love them. Sharon