Wednesday, May 03, 2006

new leash on life

Before I go totally off-topic, I must report my giddy sock enthusiasm remains full force as I approach the toe, grinning like a fool. I realize its a size too large and it'll be a baggy sock. But that's OK. I like baggy socks.

However, the next pair...any suggestions for a sock pattern that stays up well? I think I want something more than plain ribbing & stockinette. Nothing too challenging,though, like that Pot-a-Whatta-Mus. Don't ask how long I browsed sock patterns online earlier today, OK?

Ok, now to the magic.

Meet Gordo 080501famlife24
He is big & hairy & mostly lovable. He is the dog version of a frat boy, always ready for a party. Gordo joined our family about eight years ago from a dog pound, shortly after our dear old dog died. For a while we thought he was just settling in, and its hard to be the replacement model. Over time he's calmed down, and he's smart, with a lovely thick shiny fluff coat and friendly smile. Which is probably what's kept him in our good graces, most of the time. His fatal flaw:he has never, ever, ever - despite daily walks, yelling, sporadic serious training attempts, much upper arm muscle development and wrenched shoulders - walked well on a leash. At 70 pounds of unbridled enthusiasm, he can yank over most adults in a swift lunge. He always wants to be the lead dog, and that gets unpleasant when you are halfway down the street and there, at the other end of the block, is another canine.

No longer. We have been touched by magic. It said "satisfaction guaranteed" and because it was less than $ 10. I thought it worth a try. This product , the Anti-Pull Harness changed my dog owning, skeptical shopping life. Gordo walks like a trained dog. He doesn't act like the new harness bothers him in the least, there wasn't any pain or woofing. This is a dog who would just about strangle himself pulling on a choke collar, huffing and coughing while passersby said helpful things like "heh, heh, who's walking who?".
Magic, I tell ya.


Wool Winder said...

I wonder what it is that makes the halter so much different than a collar leash? Glad it's working.

I've used a couple of sock patterns that have been a little baggy too. For fit, ribbed patterns work best for me. I'll be interested to see what suggestions you get.

Amy said...

I gotta get me one of those leashes. It's really bad when your 25-pound dog is pulling a -- well, more than 25-pound human down the street.

kathy in juneau said...

Sold. I'm going to order one NOW. I hope you get a commission.

Thank you!

ps I'm enjoying your photos and knitting too..

Amber said...


Sold to me too! Last time I tried to walk my 67 lb. Akita mix, I sprained my ankle...and he already wears a harness!