Friday, April 28, 2006

watch out for the falling scales

I see all now.
Friday AM on the 9:29 out of New Haven I became a sole sister. I am knitting a sock.sock

I never planned not to, they just never called to me. My change ? At 6 AM Friday, I was prepared in every way for my noon presentation in NY. Train schedule , meeting confirmed, I'd been up till late the night before stressed out screaming at my family thoughtfully reorganizing my portfolio.

But! I forgot I didn't have any easily portable knitting on the needles. A one hundred minute train ride is kntting time not to be wasted, right? Two skeins of Koigu sock yarn I won in a MamaCate contest had been marinating since the fall, I had a Yankee Knitter basic sock pattern (I figured her patterns are always straightforward and reliable) and some skewer like dpns. sock1I grabbed it all, off I went and that was that.

Now I get it. They are small, portable, they reveal their structure and shape so quickly. What's not to love? The leg is a perfect little canvas to try new stitches on, the whole thing is a good excuse for buying wild variegated yarn that'd look dorky as a sweater. Do you hear the zeal of the newly converted? I'm worse in person. You should have seen me waving it over a son's bowl of cereal demanding admiration at early o'clock today. ("yeah, mom, I see its a sock, I get it. uh..Bus. Gotta go.").

I can't help but feel cosmically supported in this. I mean, Cassie's sewing up beautiful sock knitting kits in a whirlwind of inspiration (when she first blogged about it I thought, why? um, because its nicer than a ziplock that gets all poked through of holes by those little dpns in your purse) and Juno's destashing sock yarn to drool over.

A footnote (sorry). frontbk Does all Koigu do this ?
Its like two separate colorways. Amazing.



Carole said...

Anotherh sock knitter is born! Hooray! And yes, Lorna's Laces tends to pool.

Wool Winder said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of sock knitting!

Wendy DG said...

Socks are the best, especially for all types of travel. Very nice!