Thursday, April 20, 2006

finding inspiration in all the right places

Heads up, you knit book authors. Get invited to be the guest at a Masters Tea at Yale, like Annie Modesitt did last week.
Lovely setting to hear about the life and work of knitter, while sipping tea and nibbling on goodies from real china, on comfy sofas in the richly wood paneled room. A real treat, a room full of knitters, I met Kat and got to pet one of Lauren's top secret fall designs.

Annie was a pleasure- I expected someone ruffly & trilly based on her romantic designs and immense talent with decorative elements. I should have known from her blog that she's a friendly, down to earth, tell-it-like-it-is -with -a -sense -of -humor person. My type of speaker. Her message: do what you want the way you want to do it, if its making you happy, then you're doing it right. This applies to both Knitting and Life.

She also revealed that she is the fastest knitter in North America. Certified. In the 30 seconds before I asked where such a title gets named, I had a fantasy of a carnival event at a state fair, compete with barker and bullhorn. "Alive, Alive, Alive, Fastest Knitter, Thats Right, Try to Beat the Flying Needles" I guess I like sideshows too much. Turns out its at a staid trade show.

More inspiration just a day or so later. The Mason Dixon Knitting book. Love it. Of course, being a fan of Ann & Kay, I knew I would. Now I've been seized by the desire to knit afghans. I can even see the beauty in a....dishrag? Help me. Suddenly, I'm debating the merits of Log Cabinning versus knitting the more portable squares to seam later.

And seeing mitred squares, everywhere:



Lauren said...

How about an afghan made up of many log cabin squares? Best of both worlds?

kt said...

Those chairs look as if they've migrated form your aforementioned circus sideshow! They're way cool.

judy said...

I love your mitered chair pics. Fun stuff.

Wool Winder said...

Great shots!

kay said...

Shame on me! for missing this post with fab pix of mitered chairs.

Can't wait to see what kind of 'square stuff' (miters or lc's) you would cook up. xox Kay

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