Thursday, May 25, 2006

cue that cloying disney song that celebrates our planetary interconnectness

Because I had a comment from Kathy in Juneau. So I check out her new blog Knitting Weather. I like her knitting, I look at her profile and then I realize. I knew her. In real life. From a long time ago, in our hometown on the cloudy shores of Lake Ontario. What a hoot. Go check out her site, I mean, how many knitters in Alaska do you know?
(so, are you humming the song? Is it stuck in your head yet? Did you know there's a name for that?)

0506smallworldOn the sock front, pair #2 is coming along ribbingly. I might have 3 bear syndrome with my sock knitting. You know: the first pair was too big, the second too small and then my next will be just right. Let's hope. Anyway I do like how this one looks, and it fits the water bottle well. We'll see how it does on my foot. I've learned a few things about myself . I like heels, they are the entertainment value of the sock, and I really need to learn magic loop because I drop many stitches during transport. Accordingly, I learned it would be a very good idea to have a nice small crochet hook because a big one is as useful as my stubby fingertips in trying catch the drops.

Knitting time is little, its the time of year when things are flying everywhere. testost Testosterone. oh. my. god. I grew up in an all sisters family. Spring is sprung and the hormones of 12-15 year old boys gush forth in a manner that means all impulse control is gone. I just try to grab the needles, look at the stitches and not think about too much.


ashayne said...

Loving that Opal Rodeo!

One thing I've discovered in my young sock-knitting career is that no matter what method of manufacturing socks you use, everybody will suggest in a friendly way some other method. So I'll jump right in with the only suggestion I can make, which is that two circulars is workin' for me right now. The long cables act as security features, so I have dropped only a few (really miserable) stitches. Of course, I'm told I'm spoze to get with the Magic Loop method, which I reckon I will.

Sock on!

Leonard said...

Those are beautiful socks. How do you have the patience-- or the time?

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, Gale, I feel like I just got my 15 minutes of fame! I've been gushing about what a small world it is too. (My sister, who's not so internet-oriented, found it particularly astounding that we could "bump into each other" like we did.)

The sock is gorgeous!

Tracy Batchelder said...

Looking good!

FuguesStateKnits said...

Hey, I am old enough to remember actually going to the Disney Pavilion at the NY World's Fair in (1964-66) and seeing a bunch of muppet-like creatures singing that song:) I was 11 at the time - and ironically had been knitting for a few months....
Joan in Ellicott City, MD
originally a New Yawka:)

Kim said...

Happened to end up on your blog from the Mason Dixon knit along. I am curious to know where along Lake Ontario you are from? I am near Rochester, NY