Saturday, May 06, 2006


cherry blossoms bloom
memories of poems assigned
compelled write of spring

first handknit sock. look!
much self congratulation
alas: big, baggy

soon to be a pair
winding yarn al fresco is
a special delight
casting on same size,
the extra bowl of ice cream:
knowing bad choices made.

so near a yarn store
a flat tire's stress diminished.
the sea is full of fish.


kt said...

O! your colors sing!
come west with knitting supplies
bring your camera, too.

margene said...

You are a good grrl
reknitting bad socks is good
nice catch of sock yarn

Wool Winder said...

The first sock I ever knit was too small. Rites of passage I suppose.

Ann said...

Socks handmade by me
Seemed like a bad idea
Until yesterday

On the plane to home
Casting on sixty stitches
I was a goner

lewisalaxander49690093 said...
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