Sunday, April 03, 2005

ta da

The answer to the last post: my entry in the

The Eli Whitney Museum celebrates inventing and creativity and looking at the world in a different way. Its really a very cool place - part museum, part crazy workshop. The challenge was to make the pencil the object, not the servant, of your art.

There's an exhibit, and a party with silent auction of the artwork to benefit the museum. If all goes as normal, I'll get very very nervous right before it, imagining people walking by my piece saying" eeew, how stuuupid! why'd she do that?".

Don't know if I met the challenge but I enjoyed the process. Oh, by the way? Its really hard to knit on pencils!

ps . If you can think of a good title for this 28" tall piece, tell me quick! I need to deliver it tomorrow and so far its "untitled".


Wool Winder said...

Love it! I don't think you need to be nervous about any negative comments. Keep us posted on how it goes.

Leah said...

Hello! THAT IS AMAZING! I love it to death! You are such a greative gal! I think it is total brilliance! You should be so pround! Keep on knitting girl!

Lanea said...

I love it! I particularly love the play between the black and white yarn and the cropped black and white photos. Enjoy the auction.

Ellen in Conn said...

"negative comments" says Wool Winder - yuk, yuk, very funny! But I totally agree. This is a nice piece of photography and maybe it is telling a story about how writing can be so hard and thoughtful and about writer's block and then about if life gives you lemons (or pointy sticks) make lemonade (or a sweater).

Anonymous said...

this is extremely cool; I'm impressed. thanks for letting us see your submission!
Lisa (blogdogblog)

Sarah R said...

I just randomly came upon your site and loved your piece of art! I agree with you about the pencils, one day at work I was so bored I knitted a plastic bag with pencils, it was very difficult!