Thursday, April 07, 2005

bear with us, again

It was another Knitting Happy Hour here on Sunday

and we were back to work on the wine and chips knitting for The Mother Bear Project

I highly recommend the combination of friends, wine, snacks, and knitting for a good cause. <040501motbearl13 True, this mixture is likely to slow down your knitting progress. If you're us, I mean, and you like to talk and laugh. A lot.

Nevertheless we have legs

We have face

and ear shaping

Finally tally, four bears finished, a dozen more almost there, unanimous agreement this is worth doing again in May. Stay tuned.
Disclaimer: I'm really not a teddy bear kind of person, but there's something about these that fascinate me. They take on personality. One minute they're a floppy strip of knitting with yarn ends all over, the next you're thinking about what mood the little guys are in. (or maybe its the refreshments?). You may have to knit one yourself to see.


Sarita said...

Les photos sont superb! Really...I love the moment. It looks like it was a super time. It is interesting I am living in France but I haven't yet participated in a knitting event that involved wine...I think that it may be an essential ingredient.

Katie said...

What beautiful bears! I'm not really a teddy person, either, but I love their individual personalities!

Lynette said...

your bears are so nice. the recipients will be very grateful to receive them. thanks for sharing their stories and why you knitted it.