Sunday, April 17, 2005

end & begin

Its not just the 2 way zipper that I love about my finished Ribby Cardi.ribcardiDONE2 It fits just right. Thanks to using the medium/large size number of stitches but the smallest size lengths, I was able to hit my oxymoronic large (12-14) petite size. yee ha! It looks better on, than hanging in a tree.
For the record, my stats:
  • design - Ribby Cardi by Chicknits genius Bonne Marie Burns
  • yarn - Cascade 220, 2 skeins for sleeves & collar and 3 skeins for body, with decent amount to spare for future accent use. Very economical.
  • needles- knitting it all on size 5 us needles came close to gauge. I knit loosely.
  • a side story - I love knitting with this yarn but it stinks when wet. I mean stinks, not that lovely sheepy wet wool smell. When it was blocking, first we all thought there was an especially odoriferous low tide. When a member of the household discovered it was the wrong time for that, hearty accusations of gastric distress followed. I'm being polite here, you know what we said. Then I sniffed out my drying Cardi.

The sporty stripes went to my head . Early this morning I agreed with my 11 year old son that we should ride bikes to the center of town for breakfast. The new sweater held up fine on the 10+ mile roundtrip. Me, on the other hand - lets say one major uphill got steeper and longer since last fall.

Back home I immediately cast on. I have this thing that when I finish knitting a project, I like to start a new one as soon as I can. Don't make that finger in a circle next to your head gesture at me. My friend Nancy is a psych nurse, she asserts we all have a little OCD . That's mine. OK, and maybe that thing about keeping my purse off the floor.

I am pleased that the GGH Safari mostly-linen yarn softens as you work it but alarmed that if you squint, my nice blend of greens, chartreuse and gray seem to be good ol' army camouflage as a fabric.clapBeg This is freaking me out a little. I'm going to give it a few more inches before I get truly disturbed.

What am I making ? I found this pattern online for a scarfy-shawl thing with dropped stitches and an odd French name. I wonder if anyone has already knit it........


Leisel said...

Love your Ribby Cardi... any chance, since you said it looks even better on than hanging in a tree, that you could show a shot of you wearing it?

Where did you get those purple and green stitch markers... I've never seen ones like that in those colors (only baby blue and baby pink).

kay said...

Don't give up too fast on that yarn! You cannot tell with Clapotis until you drop the first stitch--and it takes a while to get there! It's a brilliant pattern for yarn that looks better in the skein than knitted-up, because you really get to see the yarn in those ranks of dropped stitches.

My next Clapotis (the one for me) will be in LINEN. So I don't want you to give up! I am dreaming about what a great swingy drape it will have. xoxo Kay

Lisa said...

Your ribby is beautiful. I love the colours.

Mine is done except for installing a zipper..

Good luck with clapotis.

xmasberry said...

your ribby cardi looks great. there is nothing better than a sweater that fits, even when it is only hanging on a tree.

margene said...

Thanks for coming by my blog and hello to you. Your Ribby is fabulous!!!

upgrade said...
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